Dead Cat digging into the plant

I woke up at 8.00 in the morning and saw my father panting in the drawing room. He called all family members and said, “I am going to tell you something. Please listen carefully.”

We all were surprised as generally father does not come panting inside drawing room. He is very old and goes to his room immediately after watering plants even if it for 10 minutes.

He said, “I went near one of the plants kept outside and saw cat paws in the soil. I dug the soil in the flower vase and saw a cat inside. I was terrified but dug more soil and took out the cat.”

We all listened with great interest and were constantly staring at him without blinking our eyes as if it was some suspense story.

My father asked, “I am unable to understand what I should do?”

My mother said, “Throw away the dead cat and sprinkle Gangajal (holy water) on the plant and inside the soil. And then you take a thorough bath to avoid any curse in future.”

But he was not ready to do this. We all advised him the same thing and finally he agreed.

Later on the scavenger came and we asked the guy to throw the dead cat somewhere in the ground so that it does not rot outside our house.

Sometimes there are strange events like this that we come across and not able to think what should be done.

We still think about this incidence whenever we come across any cat or we see any mark in the vases soil.



Taking Kailash’s ashes to Kailash-Part2

We met in the evening at 5. Piyush asked me, “Why don’t we steal ashes that must have been kept in the Urn. Otherwise ashes will be taken to Haridwar the next day”.

I did not like the idea. I asked what would happen if we were caught stealing the urn. We would be ashamed in front of everyone- our parents, relatives, our neighbours. I just could not digest this idea.

Now Piyush started. Obviously he was angry. One of his best friends was not present among us and his friend; I was not listening to him. He threw a soft punch on my face and I became imbalanced and fell down on the floor just next to the first stair. If it had been a few inches away my face would have been bleeding. I was furious now and was about to smash him when he spoke very softly.

“My dear friend, why don’t you try to understand? We will have to do for our best friend. What is the point of this life if we cannot think about our best friend”?

I thought about it for some time and said, “Yaar you are right”.

We had to do this for our best friend. Our best friend never wanted to part with us and we could not think of his funeral without us.

The plan was decided and I had to steal the ashes.

Next morning I went to Kailash’s house when his father had gone out to buy grocery. I could not go through the main gate as I was a thief not a visitor or a member of the family. I checked the central window of the side wall and tried to open it.

Fortunately in one shot I opened the window and peeped inside the room. No one was there. Only his mom should have been at home. I did not hear any noise. I went to the entrance of the drawing room where everyone was praying. I was nervous. What would happen if anyone sees me as many people knew us?

I withdrew from there and went back to the room.


Piyush was watching me. He waived his hand to ask if I had the ashes.

I went back to the entrance of drawing room. I didn’t have any choice now. I had to do this.

I searched for the urn. Fortunately it was kept on the table attached on the right wall of the drawing room.

I was standing at the right place now. The table was about only an inch away. I waited for the right moment.

Suddenly there was some noise of tyres screeching outside the house. Within minutes there was some commotion in the drawing room.

In about two minutes I was out of the room from where I peeped inside.

I and piyush ran from there within seconds and didn’t see anywhere. We didn’t want to take any chance. We had the ashes.

We had to run for the railway station. We had to take Shatabdi express for Gaurmukh. We had very limited time as we had to come back the next day otherwise we would have come in the limelight.

We reached railway station and checked timings. Shatabdi was scheduled for 12.35 in the noon. We checked our watch. It was 1.10 and the train had already left. We checked at the counter if there was any seat available in case the train was late. The counter guy didn’t look at us and simply said, “No seat is available”.

Late arrival and departure of trains somewhere from an hour and 10 hours is very common in Indian Railways.

Our chance of getting the train was very bright even if we were late. We again inquired but this time we were in style, “Bhaiya theek se check karo, seat available hogi”.

The counter guy became irritated. There were many people behind us in the queue. The middle aged man said, “Theek se check kiya tha, tabi bataya tha”. People behind us started talking among themselves and we felt embarrassed.

We sat there for some time and decided to ask if there was any other train to Gaurmukh. The next scheduled train was at 3 o’clock. The train was Gaurmukh Kanti.

We went outside and had our lunch.

We waited for the train. As usual the train was late this time also.

Surprisingly it was late by 20 minutes only.

We boarded the train. The train was crowded and had halted here for only 15 minutes. We got our seats.

Gaurmukh was about 5 hour’s journey.

Luckily Piyush had map in his rucksack. We checked the map to check the stations that would come before Gaurmukh so that we do not miss it in case we fall sleep.

After some time we went to the toilet. The train was very crowded and people were sitting on the floor making it difficult to reach the toilet.

We managed to reach and felt relieved. We struggled again while coming back to our seat.

It was 5 in the evening. We were feeling hungry a bit. We had Namkeen mixture and few assorted biscuits. We were having it when suddenly ticket checker (TC) came. Badge on his pocket had Bhan Singh as his name engraved on the batch. He came to our seat and asked for the ticket.

Piyush was now feeling a bit happy as few biscuits had entered in his stomach. He very easily put his hand in his shirt pocket to take out the tickets. He felt uneasy and looked at me. I was not bothered as earlier he had shown humour many times. He shook my shoulder and started searching all pockets and his rucksack.

Now I had a hint that Piyush was serious this time. I asked him to check each and every pocket again. He asked me to check my pockets also. I was sure I didn’t have the ticket as Piyush had kept the ticket in his pocket after getting it from the counter.

Bhan singh was looking at us with his right hand in his trouser pocket.

We stared at one another for some time. Now we felt embarrassed and thought of next action. He looked at Bhan Singh with low eyes and became nervous. The TC said, “why both of you are travelling without a ticket. People like you make us feel ashamed and people loose trust if we do not come for checking”.

Piyush was nervous. I told the TC that it must have been lost while going to the toilet. But TC was not ready to listen. We were told to pay the fine of Rs 600 each.

Piyush put his hands in his trouser pocket and took out the amount.

The purse was not there. I felt irritated and started shouting at Piyush, “what is happening? Can’t you take care of your belongings?”

Piyush had no answer. I calmed down myself otherwise things would have gone weird.

I took out my wallet and found only 2 notes of Rs 500. Nothing was surprise. I had asked Piyush to keep money and then we had to share at the end of the journey.

Our rucksacks had some money but that was for emergency and for getting back to home. We didn’t want to use that money.

We pleaded with TC. He simply said, “It happens almost every day with one or another passenger and especially with people of your age”.

We had to get down at the next station. Everyone was looking at us and our faces were red. We got down at the next station.

The next station was Garhpeera. We had not heard about it. We opened our rucksack to check if the map was still there.

Yes, it was there.

We were about half way from Gaurmukh. It was evening and rather dark. It was a small town. We enquired mode of transport for Gaurmukh.

There was none.

                                                                                                                           To be continued…

Taking Kailash’s ashes to Kailash-Part1

It was Piyush’s idea.

We had to take our best friend’s ashes to Kailash. We wanted to give proper funeral to him.

Kailash was one of the naughtiest in the class. He was good in imagining things and could write stories which he used to write in leisure time.

He had written few stories and competed in intra and inter school competitions. But his teacher and rather our teacher Mr. Mehra always bullied him. Not because he competed in story telling but he was not as good in studies as others were.

This hurt us as Kailash, who was our best friend was good in imagination and storytelling but was never motivated in the school.

Shreya was a good girl of medium built with dove eyes. Her complexion was fair and rather attractive. Shreya liked Kailash for last couple of months but neither of them expressed their feelings. They both were introvert.

One day Kailash asked both of us and asked me, “Sam how I should approach Shreya so that I can express my feelings”?

We thought and finally Piyush said, “Why don’t you take her to the cafeteria and have a cup of tea. Start talking about the routine things, evaluate the scenario after 10-15 minutes and speak up”.

Kailash was reluctant and asked what would happen if she refused.

Piyush and me laughed and told him that now also you have nothing in hand. At least you would know the status of feelings.

Kailash’s eyes had shine now and started thinking of the proposal.

Piyush and I were hiding in the bushes and waiting for the teacher to come out of his home. It was 4 in the evening and we had followed all the way from our school in Vijay Sheher in Delhi to Prahaladpur. It was a distance of about 10 kms between two points.

I started my Yamaha motorbike and picked Piyush and started following the professor. Mr. Mehra had some good habits and did not go home directly from school.

After doing school chores he would leave at about 3-3.30 in the noon and would visit restaurants and bars. We heard from some of the school mates that he was seen with girls also.  Once it was a blonde. Second time there was someone with short hairs and very fair complexion and very short clothes.

I am not sure if my colleagues peeped into the key hole of the door.

Today we had heard in the corridor that he would be going straight to his home. Hence we decided to follow him.

We could have done what we intended without his presence but we wanted him to see and observe what was going on inside us. We had lost our best friend because of Mehra.

Sometimes Mehra beat him up if our friend Kailash was not able to answer any question. Mehra sometimes also abused him and this was something that made me and Piyush angry and provoked retaliation.

About a month back Kailash was very upset when we had to go for triple bike riding on Rx100. It was a very humid and hot evening in the month of July. We wanted to play basketball in the playground where the state corporation had designed very awesome basket ball ground.

We didn’t think it was wise to ask at this time.

We played for about half an hour and saw large number of audiences watching our game. We had practiced the game enough to attract large number of audience.

We were tired and were wiping our sweat when Piyush asked Kailash why he was upset.

Kailash had got thrashing from his dad as he was not concentrating on his studies. He said, “I am not getting any support from school and home. What I should do. I think I should commit suicide”.

We did not feel good. We told him he should do what he feels like and make story writing or anything else his passion so that he becomes perfect and stand on his feet.

Kailash was a short but chubby fellow with short hair. He liked wearing round necks with black denims. Sometimes he wore black cap and brown shades.

Fifteen days later Piyush came running to me in his night suit. It was 7 in the morning.

It was very shocking for both of us as we had never thought of this even in our dreams. Kailash was found dead at his home when Piyush went to his home to call him to get ready so that we all three best buddies could go to school together. The distance was only about 10 Kms but roads were very busy with heavy traffic everywhere due to office hours. No one was following traffic rules.

Kailash was not feeling good neither at home nor in the school. Behavioral change was noticed in him and even his special friend Shreya did not talk to him much now. His attitude towards life was negative and hence Shreya did not feel good talking to her hubby.

But she should have remained loyal. That’s what we thought.

If your best (girl) friend does not show interest especially during bad times, it becomes difficult for a boy to live.

Police was questioning Kailash’s parents and neighbours. We knew both of us would also be questioned.

Police had to question us as we were his best friends.

Parents of all three of us knew each other. We had been friends since 8 years. I and Kailash were in the same school since class two. Piyush had joined the school in class three when his Dad shifted here.

We were listening to some Pop and rock songs of Michael Jackson in the cafeteria when Piyush came and started singing Hindi songs and teased us for listening English songs. Kailash and Piyush had a short fight over this issue and I along with four guys came to the rescue of both boys.

For couple of days Piyush did not talk to both of us. He was a reserved person and did not have any friend in the school even after a month. I saw him many times sitting on the bench in the ground during sports period. Even in the class he did not speak much except hi and bye during interval between two periods.

One day me and Kailash sat next to him on the bench and asked why he kept quiet. He did not speak for few minutes and spoke when we asked again. He became emotional and few tears rolled out onto his cheeks. He told us there was a fight almost every day between his Mom and Dad and he did not get much love from both of them.

We all sat quiet for some time. Finally I extended my hand and asked Piyush, “Can we be friends”?

He immediately extended his hand and we shook hands. Kailash was standing and was watching and did not say anything. I said, “Kailash can you please also shake hands”. Kailash stared at me as if he was lost somewhere and someone suddenly jerked him.

Kailash said, “Of course”. He shook hands with Piyush. Piyush again cried a bit. He wept his tears and was happy and said, “Thanks”.

We all three were friends now. Later on everyone in the school knew all three of us as the best buddies.

We were not expecting his parents to welcome us as we were not good friends in the eyes of Kailash’s parents. We were responsible for neglect of his studies.

For us it was better to leave for the school. We went to the school but we were thinking about our best friend. We saw Shreya but she did not ask anything about Kailash. We didn’t feel good but said nothing.

After the school we went straight to our home. We saw many people coming in and out of Kailash’s house. We were surprised that funeral had been done about an hour ago.

Both of us were boiling with anger as no one waited for us for the funeral. How could we be left? We had to be present in the funeral. We were his best friends.

We both parted for our homes as our parents could question unexpected things and we did not want to throw our anger on them.

We met in the evening at 5. Piyush asked me, “Why don’t we steal ashes that must have been kept in the Urn. Otherwise ashes will be taken to Haridwar the next day”.

To be continued…

My adventure with unconfirmed ticket

One way flight from Delhi to Patna was costing Rs 20000 for one person for immediate booking and about Rs 5887 if booked two weeks in advance.  Train was costing Rs 1500 to 1800. But it was still out of my budget.

Next day I checked Indian railways site and got 2 tickets booked @Rs 1300 which was reasonable price and within my budget.

My friends and relatives had warned me that saving on tickets might cost me more. But I was adamant. They could spend Rs 5000 just for the sake of convenience and luxury but my pocket didn’t allow steep price.

Everyone has a budget that should be kept in mind before spending money.

We had planned 2 months earlier but couldn’t go due to tragedy in our family. At that time both plane and train tickets were easily available and that too in very good price and confirmed tickets.

But you cannot fight with destiny.

Presently the train was good but tickets were not confirmed. Waiting list for me and my wife was 12 and 13 respectively.

This was 2 weeks back in 4th week of March. We were happy that tickets would be confirmed in any case till our travel date.

We packed our luggage. I was excited.

We had to shift to Patna as I had decided to do business with one of my friend. I was not finding Delhi interesting anymore may be due to traffic jams, long distances, and pollution among other things.

I wanted to settle in a small city and earn reasonably to fulfill our needs and serve society.

My friend was from Delhi and was into business. He had established another shop in Patna as there are more traders in Patna than anywhere else in north and east India and has a very vast potential for earning.

I was not worried about accommodation.

It took several days to decide what to pack and what to leave. We started packing and took couple of days in completing packing. Finally our travel date arrived and we checked all our belongings.

We were surprised to see 5 luggage bags that we had to drag with us in the journey. We had not expected so many bags. We tried to empty some of our belongings but everything was important. It was not a leisure trip. We had to settle in Patna.

My parents also wanted to come with us to the railway station. I said, “Please relax at home. We will manage”. But they didn’t listen.

My wife thought of checking PNR status.PNR status is allotted by Indian railways against tickets booked and gives details of coach, seat numbers and confirmation status among other things.

We had planned to go by Delhi metro but finally decided to take cab as we had to go with parents.

Now time was very short and we had to take calculated moves.

4.00 PM

PNR status was opened. My heartbeat went down and my wife was surprised. Tickets were still not confirmed but waiting was still 2 and 3 respectively. It had never happened that tickets booked earlier were not confirmed even after 2 weeks.

We were frequent travelers and last time waiting list of 17 and 18 was confirmed only after a week.

My father was angry after knowing the ticket status. He simply said, “Why confirmed tickets were not booked”. It was difficult for me to make him understand why confirmed tickets were not booked. We silently listened and kept quiet.

5.30 PM

Cab arrived in 5 minutes at 5.30 PM. We had booked cab keeping in mind train departure time which was scheduled for 8.00 PM.

Cab was small and we were 4 people with 5 luggage bags. Radio cabs are allowed to carry maximum 4 passengers and 2 luggage bags. I decided to go by metro if the cab driver refused to take all of us. I requested the driver to open boot space. Boot space had CNG cylinder but thankfully there was some space. The driver arranged 2 luggage bags in boot space. My wife and my parents sat at the back with 2 bags. I was left with one bag.

I sat in front but could not keep bag. There was no space. I came out and kept the bag. Now I could not sit. Everyone laughed and I was embarrassed.

The driver came and kept the luggage on the floor mat. Then I sat. My leg was between the bag and the gear box. There was no space for another leg. The driver asked me to adjust my piece of leg between the door and the bag. It was adjusted after much efforts and cab finally moved.

After 15 minutes I felt uneasiness in both legs and pain started in thighs. I couldn’t do anything. My left foot was inclined downwards and I couldn’t keep it flat. Right thigh was tilted right towards the gear box and I couldn’t move it. I cursed myself.

It was better to travel by metro.

I could not express my feelings when I saw traffic jam in Google maps. I laughed at my fate and thought of sleeping to ignore leg pain. Half an hour distance stretched to about 45 minutes.


6.15 PM

Finally we reached railway station. We paid Rs 378 to cab driver and reached inside railway station. First task was to get a general ticket so that it could be converted into confirmed ticket by TC (ticket checker).

Ground floor had 3 counters and we stood in queue in one of the lines. 10 minutes later one guy came and informed that general ticket is issued on 1st floor.

We went upstairs. There was neither escalator nor lift. There were 5 queues and we stood in the shortest queue. We approached the window and asked for general ticket. The counter guy said, “This ticket cannot be converted into confirmed one in such a short time.”

We thought of taking risk since we had come all the way from home and there was no point in looking back.

We paid INR 540 and took ticket. We went downstairs, took our luggage and we all four started for platform.

6.45 PM

There was benched on one side and we found seats on one of the bench. We inquired about the train. The train was already there on the platform. We found three tier AC coaches and luckily we were sitting on the bench facing three tier AC coaches. After 5 minutes, I inquired from a local vendor for TC and when gates would be opened.

He said, “Gates will open at 7.00 and TC will come at 7.30.”

We waited for 15 minutes. My wife went to northern railways staff man standing in front of another AC coach and inquired the same thing. He said, “Gates will open at 7.15 and TC will come at 7.45.”

We were feeling uncomfortable as time was running out.

7.15 PM

The gates didn’t open and there was no sign of TC on the platform.

I saw another railway staff man and inquired. He said, “Gates will open soon but TC comes 10 minutes before departure of train.

My father again was angry and shouted at the platform, “I had told you to get confirmed tickets. Now see what’s happening.”

7.30 PM

Gates finally opened and everyone waiting for AC coach went inside. Very few people left on the platform.

We became somewhat nervous as we had 5 bags and it was not easy in10 minutes to get confirmed ticket and board train with 5 bags.

7.50 PM

The TC finally came. We could recognize him by his white shirt and black trouser with a black coat neatly worn on shirt.

We requested the TC for confirmed ticket. He said, “Ticket cannot be confirmed as there is no seat available.”  We again requested. He said, “Please talk to sleeper class TC. He may have seat.”

7.53 PM

We went to sleeper class TC but he had same answer. Now my heartbeat jumped and I became nervous. TC informed us to board sleeper class and contact him at Aligarh station. We could get confirmed ticket either in sleeper or AC coach.

7.56 PM

We were in confusion as it was not sure that we get confirmed ticket at Aligarh and it was 15 hours journey from Delhi to Patna.

7.57 PM

We boarded the sleeper class as we didn’t want to go back after so much had happened. We had not travelled in sleeper class much especially my wife who always travelled in AC coach. There was smell of urinal and people were sitting on the floor between seats on either side of the coach.

We could not bear this. We immediately got all 5 bags out of the coach. Now we were on the platform.

7.58 PM

We discussed if we should board the train or not. We decided not to board the train as it would have been a nightmare travelling for 15 hours without a seat with 5 bags.

8.00 PM

The train started moving and we waited on the platform for the train to go.

8.05 PM

It was a frustrating moment for all of us.

We moved out of the platform and thought of going back by metro. But it was difficult in going till metro gate and moreover we had to change metro to reach our destination.

Finally we decided to take a cab as metro would have cost at least Rs 150 for all four of us. Cab would cost somewhere around Rs 400.

Cab was booked. Cab was again small. Only 3 people could sit inside the cab.

My father shouted at the driver and asked him to open boot space and show him why luggage could not be kept. Boot space had CNG cylinder leaving no space for the luggage.

My father made all of us sit in the cab. I sat in the back seat along with my mother and wife and of course 4 bags.

Father sat in the front with bag on legs. We could fee he was not comfortable. My wife was also not comfortable as 3 bags were kept behind us blocking the rear view. One bag was kept on her legs.

Finally we reached home at 10.00 and paid Rs 438. We all felt relaxed after deboarding the cab.

My friends had been calling me but I didn’t want to answer calls. They would ask, “Where have you reached.”

We had dinner and went to sleep. I was feeling very tired and tried to sleep but it seemed as if sleep had eluded me. I was lost in thoughts.

I should have opted for confirmed ticket even if it was costing Rs 200-300 extra. I had ending up paying approx Rs 1400 extra for general ticket and two way cab.

I kept on thinking about this and not sure when I slept. Soon I started dreaming of looking next available date for confirmed ticket.

Drinking water turned into nightmare

It was Friday and the office clock struck 5 in the evening.

We planned to go out in the weekend. Myself, Karan, Atul, Michael, Christine and my wife-Niharika discussed places best suited for weekend so that we could join office on Monday.

The office was not very large with about 100 employees in Gurgaon. It was a new company set up 2 years back and was expanding. The management had plans to make it a thousand employees company in the future.

I had met Niharika in this office. I remembered she was wearing green suit with red and yellow design giving her a tall and slim look. She had come for the interview and asked me for cafeteria. I introduced myself and we chatted for about 10 minutes. I really liked her way of talking and she liked my sense of humour. That’s what I understood at that time.

When she joined the company after about a month, we again met in the cafeteria and started chatting like we were old friends. She told me that she lived in Pitampura in Delhi.

She asked, “Akshay-where do you stay?” I replied, “Rohini”.

She was glad because Pitampura and Rohini were adjacent to one another in North West Delhi.

We could both sense that we could meet easily.

We usually go to cafeteria or go out for walk whenever we got time. Eventually we decided to tie knots.

Six months later we got married.

I didn’t like much the idea of going out with colleagues during weekends but Niharika liked this and with passage of time I developed this taste.

We both had gone out couple of times with colleagues. It was a plus point for me as I interacted with both co-workers and my wife thus getting to know each other better.  My wife would not complain that I was not giving her time and my co-workers would not say that I didn’t go with them.

After marriage I had gone with my co-workers without Niharika only once. She told me that she respected my space and that I should devote time with male friends also which are very much required.

I had also gone with Niharika on several weekends and many times on weekdays taking leave from office on the pretext of one thing or another thing.

We had been together now for almost 18 months.

But I had been noticing for some time that she was not happy and fight with me on one or another thing. I asked her the reason but she didn’t disclose.

But later on she told me that she wanted me not to go out with colleagues and only remain with her on weekends.

I told her that I was in a senior position now and it was important to keep team happy. But she didn’t understand.

Anyways today we had to decide our destination for weekend but I could see that Niharika was not taking much interest. I looked at her and said, “Jaanu tell us where we should go.”

Everyone in the office knew that we used such words during leisure time or whenever we planned our weekend.

Niharika suggested for Jim Corbett Park. We discussed that it required more than 2 days but later on everyone agreed. We planned to leave early tomorrow morning at 4 to avoid traffic.

It was difficult to get up early and get ready by 4 in the morning but to gain something we have to sacrifice something. We had to sacrifice our good sleep to enjoy weekend.

We all took cab and reached Anand Vihar from where we had to board bus for Jim Corbett. The bus started and we all began to sing songs and crack jokes. There was no sleep in our eyes.

We stopped after about 2 hours for getting fresh and having breakfast. After about 30 minutes the bus started again. I was feeling like sleeping right now. I looked at Karan and Christine and they were yawning.

In about 10 minutes I was sleeping.

After about an hour the bus suddenly stopped. I saw outside but there was no restaurant in case anyone requested driver to stop the bus for refreshment.

I could see Atul going towards washroom followed by Michael.

I felt thirsty and looked for my water bottle but it was empty. I didn’t want to get out of the bus. Niharika’s bottle was also empty. I had no choice. I went outside to get my bottle refilled. But here also there was competition with about 10 people trying to reach the only tap available in this remote place.

It had been 5 minutes standing in the queue. I saw both Atul and Michael coming out of washroom and moving towards the bus.

My wife called me from the bus and asked me to come soon.

Still there were about 5 people waiting for the water. I heard horn of the bus and my heart sank. What if the bus moved and left me here.

I didn’t want to go with empty bottle especially after waiting for so long. I was not sure when the bus will stop and I will get water. I was in the habit of drinking lots of water and could not remain for long without water.

Now only 2 people were standing in front of me I being the third one.

Sound of the engine shrieked into my ears and I didn’t want to think that the bus had left.

I turned back and I was shocked. The bus was not there. Wild thoughts came to my mind. How will I go back? It would not be easy to go back in the absence of public transport and farm land everywhere.

I realized that I should not have gone after water which could be sacrificed for some time. I should have listened to others in the bus.

I started walking with fast pace towards the road to see if the bus had stopped some distance away. I could see very small part of iron rods at the back of the bus. I started running in the hope that it would be the same bus. I kept on running and my shirt and vest were wet with sweat and I was about to faint. I ran faster but the back of bus started diminishing. I ran for some more time but I lost the view of the bus. My legs were shaking and my whole body was wet with sweat. I took bottle to my mouth but the bottle was empty.

I fainted after some time.

Suddenly someone shook me and I got up immediately. I saw Niharika sitting next to me and wiping my face with towel.

I saw my co-workers who were sleeping.

I asked her what had happened. She replied, “You were trembling on your seat and your sweat was dripping from your face. You must have seen some nightmare.”

I could not understand for some time. I saw my face that had made towel wet. I could not understand anything.

I relaxed on my seat and started thinking what had happened. I didn’t remember anything.

It must be my dream.

But I learnt that never go out of the way if time is the key factor and others are eagerly waiting for you.


Girlfriend waiting,bike keys left at home

I had to meet Neetu, my girlfriend today at 5.00 in the evening. I was excited as I had to propose her which was a surprise for her also.

I woke up at 7.00 in the morning and shaved to look smart.

I look 2-3 years older with beard and stubble on my long slim face and do not suit me as my complexion is dusky.

I took bath and wore nicely ironed full sleeved white shirt with a pair of denim jeans. I chose black pair of polished shoes with matching socks.

I had chaach and Aijwain parantha in the breakfast.

It was 9.00.

My mom told me to bring medicine from drug store.

I went out into the garage where my Triumph bike was parked.

I took out the bike from the garage and pressed push button for the engine to start.

It made annoying sound as if something was struck in the exhaust pipe. I checked but could not find anything. I again tried but it didn’t start.

My heart sank.

I had to meet my girlfriend but would not make it if bike didn’t start.

Time was very short and I had to take it to the mechanic. I dragged bike in the scorching heat and reached mechanic.

Luckily mechanic shop was only 100 meters away.

I shouted at Dhanraj, the mechanic who had repaired my bike about a month ago. It costs a lot in coming again and again and getting it repaired.

Dhanraj reminded me that the service was due since last month and he had informed me earlier at the time of repairing my bike last month.

I calmed down as it was my mistake. In fact I was not getting time to get bike serviced as office schedule was hectic and I worked on weekends also during last couple of weeks to meet deadline.

Triumph service generally takes 7-8 hours but I still asked Dhanraj how much time it would take.

Dhanraj replied, “Your bike will be ready by 6.00 in the evening.”

I requested if I could get bike by 3.00. Dhanraj thought for some time and finally said, “Ok, I will try to give it by 3.00. Please call me at 3.00 to check the status.”

I felt relieved.

I came back home walking.

The moment Mom saw me she asked, “Vishal have you brought the medicine?”

I became irritated but said calmly, “I forgot as my bike was not keeping well. I am going to bring it.”

I walked all the way to the drug store and brought the medicine.

I was waiting for the beautiful evening and different thoughts occupied my mind.

The wall clock struck 3.00 and I immediately called the mechanic.

I asked Dhanraj, “I am coming to pick my bike.”

Dhanraj paused for a while and said, “Let me check.” He came back on phone after about a minute and said, “Sir Bike was serviced but could not be washed as you had taken the keys with you.”

I became angry and really wanted to beat up Dhanraj. I raised my voice and asked, “Why didn’t you ask for the key. You could have called me and I would have come again to hand over the keys.”

Dhanraj simply said, “Sorry sir.”

I didn’t have any choice but to get the work done so I stayed calm. There was no point in arguing over this issue.

I fumbled in pockets and found the key in left hip pocket. I immediately rushed to the workshop and handed over the key.

There were 2 more bikes waiting to be washed. Those bikes had come after my bike but were queued up earlier as keys were available for them.

I requested the mechanic if he could clean my bike before those 2 bikes. He refused saying other customers were equally important to him. I insisted and offered him a Rs 500 note. He agreed.

Finally the bike was ready at 4.00 and I paid for the service and immediately started my bike and reached home.

My shirt was wet with sweat and shoes had gathered dust.  I changed my shirt and polished my shoes again.

I looked myself in the mirror. I had the same glory as it was in the morning.

It was 4.30 and I would have been late if I had not started immediately.

I reached the Pandit chowk where I had to meet Neetu. I reached sharp at 5.00 and waited eagerly but she was not there.

I became anxious. I checked my mobile to see if she called me. There was no call. I checked the whatsapp message.

I was shattered when I read the message. She had written that she would not be meeting again as I had not reached on time. My mind was spinning like a wheel. I was not sure what was happening since today morning.

I checked earlier whatsapp chat again. Oh God! What I have done. The message clearly states that meeting time was 4.00 which was one hour earlier. I cursed my stars.

Frustrated I sat there on the bench. I thought for about 10 minutes and finally I ringed my girlfriend. She was very angry. We argued for about half an hour but I succeeded in consoling her.

Thanks God! We had to meet next weekend.

But I made it a point to service my bike regularly to avoid such situation in future.

Man jumping through window-train catches speed

My wife and I were planning for a holiday. It had been a long time, almost a year when we had gone on holidays last time.

We took auto from our home to Sarai Rohilla railway station.

The traffic was not much. The train was scheduled for 9.10 PM and we reached at around 8 in the evening.

It was difficult passing time on the platform.

My wife wanted something to munch preferably popcorn and Jabson peanuts.

Whenever she eats popcorn and peanuts smile comes on her face and this makes me very happy. She smiles like a baby (Innocent baby).

I went to fetch popcorn and peanuts for her and warned her to be careful of her surroundings.

I purchased the items and started walking towards the bench where my wife was waiting for me.

Suddenly I heard some chaos on the platform.

I saw a man about twenty eight years old wearing a rough shirt and trouser with a muffler around his neck approaching the train with fast pace. The man came near the train that had halted on the platform a few seconds back. There was heavy rush and everyone was trying to enter into the train.

The man with the muffler suddenly approached window of one of the coach and tried to enter the coach through the window.

I reached my wife. We were shocked to see this because the train could have started anytime which would pose a danger for this man.

How could a man enter coach through the window?

In a very short span of time the train started moving as the train did not originate here and had stopped for about 10 minutes.

The man struggled to get inside through the window.

People on the platform started shouting as if everyone had imaged the same that I had imagined earlier (train moving with the man half inside the window and half outside the window).

The station master came but by the time he came the train had gathered pace and was about the leave the platform. No one inside the train pulled the emergency chain as no one noticed due to heavy rush. Everyone was trying to grab the seat.

There was a white pillar at the end of the platform which was about one foot away from the window of the coaches passing through the platform.

Everyone watching this scene was shocked and was praying for some miracle to happen.

But the happening happened.

Within seconds there was a loud noise of shriek as if someone collided with the pillar.

There was blood on the platform and drops were falling on the railway track.

The man was no more and had sacrificed his life just because of taking a short cut.

Whatever happened later on did not matter as life would not come back.

I prayed to God to make me strong.

The moral of the story is that always keep patience and never take short cut in life as short cut may make your life short.

Love of old couple-Recoiled

It was June. Summer was at its peak.

Dharampal was sleeping with his grandchildren on either side. Sleeping on the floor with bed sheets spread evenly on the floor was his favourite and he did not like sleeping on bed. This was in the genes of his grandchildren also.

He saw Shraboni entering room of his son with sari border covering her head. She almost ran inside the room and locked the room from inside.

Dharampal heard some noise and then lost in the thoughts of Kanta.

Dharampal and Kanta used to go on the roof where Dharampal would smoke hookah and Kanta would prepare Lassi for him. Dharma would bring Chole Kulche for his wife and Kanta would eat it.

Everyday Kanta would do the same thing and Dharampal would be happy. Both then lie down and see the stars and talk to one another before going to sleep. Both were aged and would tell stories of brave and humorous acts done in their young days.

Kanta had full trust in Dharmapaji. Kanta would say Dharmapaji, you are a great man. I know you never had affair with any girl except me.

Kailash along with his family had gone out in summer holidays at his in laws house for about a week.

Kailash along with his family returned from his in-laws house in the morning in the last week of June.

He immediately left for his shop so that he could see if everything was in order in the departmental store. The departmental store was a big one and almost everything was available in the store.

He looked at his watch. It was 6.00 in the evening and this was the time when he would be on his way from departmental store to his home.

Kailash reached home at 6.45.

There was no one in the house. Generally there used to be noise in the evening. Children would cry, they would snatch one another’s things or Kanta would shout at them whenever one would slap another sibling.

He felt uneasy and started calling each member.

Shraboni where are you? Shyam where are you?

No answer.

Geeta where have you gone? Maji, Pitaji where are you?

Still no answer.

He went upstairs and reached the roof.  He was shocked to see everyone weeping. He asked everyone but no one replied.

He saw Kanta and kept on staring her. He regained consciousness soon and said Maji what happened to you?

She was lying there with no body movement.

Pitaji was crying. He said I never told a lie to Kanta. Today only I thought of pulling her leg.

He began.

It was afternoon and sun was setting. I started laughing and asked for a glass of water from Kanta.

She asked what happened Dharama.

Dharma said “nothing much dear”. You remember Sumitra. The beautiful woman in her early twenties with dove eyes and silky black long hair and perfect figure. She was no match with any woman at that time.

Expressions on Kanta’s face changed and she became somewhat furious.

Her tone changed and said now I understand why you would go late in the evening everyday and would be happy with shine in the eyes when you would return. So you were with her all those evenings and made me a fool.

He came near her and held her hands. He could not believe. Kanta’s body was very hot and was almost boiling.

Kanta loved her husband very much and they never had any disagreement throughout their lives. He was worried. He started cursing himself. He should not have said this to his wife, even if this was true. He should have thought about this earlier.

Kanta’s  face twisted after listening his story of young days. After few minutes she almost became still.

Dharma took water from the jug and sprinkled it over her face. She moved a bit and then suddenly her face dropped down with her back supporting on the leg of Dharma. His both hands were trying to shake her body.

But it was very late.

He recoiled and said you cannot leave me like this. We have been together all these years both in joys and sorrows of life. I just wanted to enjoy and hence told you the story of Sumitra. You should have at least listened to other part of the story.

They were on the same spot where they had slept together last time.

Dharma threw the glass of water on the floor and shouted you old lady I will not cremate you.

I love you darling

I came early from the office. It was 7.00 PM in the office.

I thought I should spend some time with my wife. Today I will have two extra hours that can be utilized effectively.

Generally I reach home at around 9 in the night.

I called my wife at 5 in the evening and told her that I would be reaching home early today as my boss was not available in the office. Then we would be going out for a long walk.

My wife seemed happy as could be judged from her tone.

My wife was cooking for me when I reached home at 7.

She cooked my favourite items- Fried Potatoes and Masoor Dal.

I was very happy eating these dishes.

We chatted for 15-20 minutes and then she switched on TV to watch her favourite serial.  The serial was for 30 minutes. I watched TV for few minutes but it was not of my interest. I thought of reading newspaper. After about 20-25 minutes, my wife changed channel and was watching another favourite serial.

I thought of asking my wife if she was interested in going out but looking at her face I thought of not disturbing her. She was smiling while watching her favourite really show.

I picked up novel “Icebound” by Dean Koontz and was lost in reading it for a long time.

I looked at watch. I felt bad. It was 10 in the night and we generally sleep by this time.

I cursed myself and thought why I did not go out immediately after reaching home or at least after finishing dinner.

Once we were on the bed, I thought of asking her if she felt bad for not going out. But thoughts came into my mind if I should ask her or not.

Finally I decided to ask her so that it does not remain buried in my heart.

“Did you feel bad for not going out”?

Wife replied calmly “You were tired when you came from office so I thought of not disturbing you”.

I felt relieved. I asked why she switched on TV when she knew that we had to go out.

She again said calmly “You have interest in reading that you generally cannot do on other days as you come late in the night so I did not feel like disturbing you”.

I was feeling bad inside.  I was expecting some harsh words from her.

Infact I wasted this precious time in all other things except the one of going out.

We love one another very much and cater to very minute needs of one another. We also say I Love You Darling.

But sometimes it becomes necessary to express it which can be in any form.

Going out was one of them. This is what I thought. I cannot say about anyone else.

One should spend some time with family whenever you get time. Do not indulge in things that can be done without one another.I had wasted my precious time and was feeling bad for myself and my wife.

I decided that next time whenever I got this opportunity we will go out for a walk and then will continue with our daily routine. Otherwise same will happen in future.




Love scene-caught red handed by wife

It was Friday afternoon. I was in the office. Working on reconciliations. The clock showed 1.30 PM.

Got a call from a bank for credit card. There was a girl whose sweet voice attracted me.

She started conversation. “Hi Sir. I am Nisha and we are offering credit card which is life time free and you do not have to pay any charges”.

I asked “what is life time. Every product has a life of 3-5 years and cannot be life time free”.

She said “Sir please take this card as it has a very high limit of credit and you do not have to pay any charges”.

“Madam I do not use card as I have to pay bill later on and may face problem if I do not have sufficient bank balance. So I always use hard cash available in my pocket”.

“You work in a very good company and earn handsome package. Then why you are thinking about a card”.

“I currently cannot think about a card. I think only about a girl as I am finding any girl and need a girl who can be my life partner. If you know someone please let me know. Once I get a girl, I will take your credit card-not one but two”.

She laughed and said “do not worry you will get a beautiful girl very soon”.

I asked “Are you single or married”.

Sir I am single.

That’s great. So you are single and ready to mingle. Will you work in my organization?

No sir. I just now completed graduation and am doing in Dieting.

That’s good. You take care of your health and of all people around you.

She laughed.

I asked “I am forgetting your name. What is your name?”

Sir I am Pooja.

I was surprised.

I said “But it seems there was another girl in the beginning. How the girl could be changed in the same call with same voice”.

She said “Sir you are innocent. You could not know that the call was handed over to another girl without getting any hint of it”.

Ok. So where do you stay.

I stay in Delhi.

Very funny. Delhi is very big. Where exactly do you stay?

Ghitorni metro station.

You live in Ghitorni metro station.

Again she laughed. Sir there is a way out of the Metro station and I live somewhere near the metro station

I enquired. Now let me know the address also.

Sir. I will tell you but first tell me when I can call you again to confirm for credit card.

I am busy all day in the office and will be free in the evening.

She said Ok and we disconnected the call.

I was busy all day and got time to see my mobile again in the evening.

I checked whats app.

There was a message. Hi sir Pooja.

My heart raced and I replied. I was busy and could not connect in the office.

Next day I got reply. No problem. Can we meet today?

I was ready for this. I said. Sure.

We met at Ghitorni metro station. She was slim and beautiful and was wearing white shirt with blue denim.

We met and said hi to one another. We ate burgers and chatted for about 1 hour. She got a call from home and had to leave immediately.

We started talking to one another on phone next day onwards and next weekend we again met at Kashmere Gate metro station.

This time my heart raced fast and thought of doing some flirting. She was also ready.

We got down and walked towards right where no one goes. We started kissing one another and continued for 5 minutes.

Someone called me and patted on my shoulder. I shuddered. I saw the person and my face reddened.

She was my wife.

I did not understand what to do and I saw stars moving around in the day.

My wife shouted. So this is what you had to do and that’s why you left early in the morning.

I mustered courage and asked what you are doing here.

She told me she had to go to Connaught Place for shopping and had informed me yesterday but I was busy in this mushy affair and was not interested in going with me. So she wanted to have fun and took the next metro after I boarded the metro and followed me.

My wife shouted “I just wanted to have fun and had not expected that you will be involved in this extramarital affair.

Pooja who was watching all this left immediately without looking back.

I felt ashamed and started pacifying my wife. “I am sorry darling for all this and will not do it again”.

It took an hour to convince her and finally she was pacified.


Message of the story- do not involve in extramarital affair. Always get involved with one girl at a time-either your wife or your girlfriend.