Eggs-New currency of Venezuela

Crypto currency is the buzz word today but have you heard of Egg as a currency.

Inflation ravaged Venezuela has its own crypto currency-Egg which has become a common medium of exchange.

Security firm in Venezuela is offering monthly salary of 2 million Bolivar ($10 or Rs 650) and a motivational bonus of 36 eggs a week if guard comes on time and is neatly dressed. A computer programmer drew his salary in eggs and a priest could buy 30 eggs with a Sunday’s collection of donation in Bolivar while he would spend a whole year’s donation on them.

Venezuelans have lost faith in cash as its value nosedives daily. In 2017 money supply sky rocketed 14 times.

As per IMF price will increase 130 times while economy will reduce to half of its 2013 level.

Price of 30 eggs in December 2018 is estimated to be 32,175,000 Bolivar.

Let’s see what lies ahead for a common man.


World’s largest amphibious aircraft-maiden flight takes off

Everyday we hear about multiple breeds of air borne vehicles being rolled out or are in the experimental phase.

Latest is the China’s homegrown AG600 which is the world’s largest amphibious aircraft which is also known as ‘Kunlong’. This aircraft took its maiden flight on Sunday (24th Dec 2017) from Jinwan Airport in China’s Guangdong province.

With a wingspan of 38.8 metres (127ft) and powered by four turboprop engines, the aircraft is capable of carrying 50 people and can stay airborne for 12 hours. It can take off from conventional aircrafts including landing and takeoff from the sea. It has a maximum flight range of 4500 kms (2800 miles).

The plane has been in testing and development phase for 8 years by state owned Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) before its maiden flight and is considered a step up part of military modernization. This aircraft is specially developed keeping in view the dispute over South China Sea.

The aircraft has received 17 orders from Chinese government and companies.

If under 16 you cannot use Facebook without consent

Everyone knows Facebook, social media giant and part of our daily lives.

A new law has been drafted where opening any account on facebook or any other social media need consent of parents or guardians if you under the age 16.

Yes, this is true.

This law has been drafted in France legislation to improve access to information that companies gather to use it for different purposes including disseminating information to other firms about people’s online activity. This will help companies alter or delete some of the information based on the age group.

The social media pages will have a tick box that needs to be checked to proceed further. This check is a declaration governed by the law.

But we need to see how effectively this will be implemented and how enforceable such a process would be once the law is passed and comes into force.


If Rohingyas are illegal migrants so are Desi people settling abroad

India had taken stand on Rohingyas to deport them from India and send them back to their native place Rakhine, Myanmar as they were illegal migrants.

But what about its own citizens who illegally emigrated to various countries across the globe.

It was ridiculous to hear Union home minister Rajnath Singh taking a technical stand that Rohingyas did not follow the proper protocol to enter India as refugees. Since India has not signed any specific UN convention, it will not break any international law by sending them back.

Thousands of Indians emigrated to countries UK and USA besides many European nations. In USA about 5 lakhs Indians are living as illegal migrants. UK identified about 1000 illegal Indian migrants.

Considering this mass exodus, The Emigration Act, 1983 was made to prevent this but the law has many flaws.

This law (The Emigration Act, 1983) is the only central statute to manage migration from the country. The law mentions registration of agents who send people abroad but does not mention consultants. Hence this loophole is misused as people going abroad register themselves in any university or college and then start working without valid documents.

One attempt was done by Punjab in plugging the gap by introducing Punjab Travel Professionals Regulation Act, 2012. The act mentions that anyone in the capacity of a consultant or an agent needs to be registered with the state government, file IT returns, must have no criminal record and must have a small office.

A good indicator is the importance of issuing travel advisories by external affairs ministry. But they are so sketchy that most people do not notice this and travel abroad undeterred.

The time has come that Indians government should put its own house in order and make a law to reduce number of people going abroad illegally.

Indian villagers making money in foreign currency


There are many people living in Meghalaya, a north eastern state in India who cross borders and trek to Bangladesh as village Huroi in Meghalaya does not have a motorable road to access infrastructure.

Trekking into Meghalaya is quite tough due to long distance of basic amenities from Meghalaya-Bangladesh border village of Hunoi.

Majority of income (approx 70-90%) of the village is in Takas.

People falling sick, women suffering from labour pain and for other daily needs trek into Bangladesh and trade in Bangladeshi currency Takas.

These people regret crossing fence and going to Bangladesh but they are left with no choice. If they have to use facilities within the state they have to trek for 4-5 hours but trekking in Bangladesh takes 1-2 hours.

Medical emergency in Umkiang primary health centre on Indian side is a five hour trek through the jungle whereas Bangladesh hospital in Kanaighat is an hour journey.

Apart from Huroi, there are 3 other villages that depend on Bangladesh. These are Lejri, Lahalein and Hingara. These 4 villages have about 3800 residents who earn majority of revenues in Takas.

Along the fencing Border Security Force (BSF) has built a new road not meant for civilians but frequented by Lejri and Lahalein residents.

Unfortunately the road passes over a river which has only a footbridge which does not allow transporting heavy goods.

These people are desperate to cross fence through treacherous rivers and sell goods to Bangladeshi businessmen and few have drowned mid-stream.

Villagers have protested that “if Indian government doesn’t want to fix the road, it is better to remove fence and give us to Bangladesh so that we do not risk our lives every day”.

Politicians visit Huroi with tall claims of better roads and then disappear for five years. Villagers decided to boycott 2018 state elections but district’s deputy commissioner Lhuid, promised them of better health system and setting up a mobile tower before the elections.

The matter reached the PMO last year when two college students penned a letter detailing the lack of facilities and villager’s ordeal. They wrote that they had to survive on the mercy of Bangladeshi people.

But for people who are in age bracket of 50-70 years, nothing is more important than road.

Due to lack of roads, they lose their children and drove them insane with grief. Some of them lost their new born babies.

I hope government will do something as soon as this story reaches them.

Why Jack Daniel will die in Europe

Jack Daniel may soon die in Europe especially in European Union (EU) if US President Donald Trump goes his way.

Trump is planning to tax steel import from EU which will be a detriment to the EU business community. In retaliation EU will impose heavy tariffs on import of many things like orange juice, dairy and- in what would be a blow to lovers of Jack Daniel and other distilleries and breweries preparing Bourbon and will result in annoyance in US business sector as confirmed by EU president Jean Claude Juncker on the sidelines of G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany. Juncker has clearly stated that any action taken by US on import from EU will be counter attacked by EU within 48 hours and it will not take 2 months to take action.

EU is one of the largest markets of Bourbon where Jack Daniel is known to many people as an “On the Rocks” drinks and is a great pleasure and is also used as wine and women blend.

Trump is leading US in a businesslike manner and not as a matured politician where the politician has to keep a very degree of patience.

Let’s see what lies ahead for Bourbon companies?



Yogi Adityanath- New Face of Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath, the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is the new ambassador of Hindu mass.

He was born on 5th Jun 1972 as Ajay Singh Bisht into Garhwali Rajput family. At the age of 21 he renounced his family and became a disciple of Mahant Avaidyanath. He is from a Hindu Priest family and he became priest after his father died.

A firebrand among people within days of becoming UP CM, people are following him more than Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

He went to Hazratganj Police Station in Lucknow today and asked all policemen to follow strict time schedule from top to bottom officials in hierarchy.

He himself cleaned police station today and has asked officials to get all police stations clean at least once a week.

No major candidate was available in UP from BJP side. Campaigning was done in the name of Mr. Modi who then had to choose suitable candidate so that rivalry does not arise in the state. It was also not possible for Mr. Modi to resign from Prime Ministership and become head of the state.

Finally Yogi Adityanath was selected as chief minister as he was both popular and senior.

If Yogi maintains this pace he would surpass Mr. Modi and may become next Prime Minister of India.