Presidential plane turns into a taxi

Presidents generally prefer to travel by plane to command supremacy and power.

But Mexican elect president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who won landslide victory in Jul and would come to power on Dec 01, 2018 has clearly said that he would not be using any private plane at least during his presidential tenure. He calls it a wasteful luxury.

Potential buyer Gustavo Jimenez Pons, a business wants to buy this plane and use as a hyper posh cab service for very influential clients including president of other countries who do not have their own private planes. He plans to rent it for $20,000 an hour.

Thought market for such buyers is very small in Mexico, Pons was seen waiting in queue with others seeking favour, jobs or money from Obrador.

The aircraft valued at $220 million was purchased by outgoing president Enrique Pena Nieto and Pons has offered $99 million for the 300 seat Boeing Dreamliner 787.

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