Lewis-Guilty or Not Guilty


Karan who was on the driver’s seat was waiting for his friend Rahul. Rahul was taking his turn for last 10 minutes on the helpless little black girl. The little girl didn’t see at the face. She was crying and bleeding profusely.

Once done, both friends drove towards the isolated part of the highway and threw the girl and the beer cans on the agricultural land along the highway.


Lewis was busy at work and came late in night at 8.00. His wife Carolina informed him that angel had not come home from tuition. Lewis said, “Don’t worry. She will come back. Must be playing with friends.”

At 8.30 both lewis and carolina were worried. They called the tuition teacher who told them that she had left the tuition centre at 7.00. Tuition centre was 15 minutes distance from their home.

They called all her friends but no one had any clue about her.

Finally at 10.30 they filed complaint at the police station. Inspector assured them that they would start investigation immediately and some positive news should come in next few hours.

On way back home they met a man who came running somewhere from the open fields.

Lewis stopped him and asked him reason for his running. He informed that a little girl was lying unconsciousness in the field.

Lewis asked the man to sit in the car and they all reached the spot where the girl was lying.

They were shocked to see their 12 year old angel lying on the ground with very little clothes on her body. There were few locals who were discussing among themselves if anyone knew her.

Lewis and Carolina were quite for some time as they didn’t know what to do. After sometime Lewis lifted angel in his arms and covered her body with his shirt. He was literally crying and cursing his stars.


Siddhartha woke up every morning at 5.30 and went to 24×7 restaurant to collect cash from the staff and update records with the total cash collected. It was a part time work of 2 hours. He would come back home, prepare bed tea for himself and his wife Rekha and would leave for his law firm. He was financially not good and hence took up restaurant work to earn extra money.

The law firm was owned by Ranjan Kothari who had built the office about 15 years ago after getting his law degree. But his license was cancelled 5 years back due to his excessive drinking habit. The court had found him guilty. As he couldn’t see his office in ruins he handed over keys to Siddhartha who was working in his firm. Siddhartha, a senior employee was very honest and down to earth. Now Siddhartha had kept a secretary.  Deepti used to handle all office work in the absence of Siddhartha.


Lewis approached Siddhartha who was his one of the best friend, next morning in his office. Siddhartha was surprised to see Lewis who seemed to be very angry and upset.

Lewis narrated the horrible incident and informed his friend that he would shoot both criminals once he gets a chance.  Siddhartha didn’t like this statement and cautioned his friend not to take law in his hands.

But Lewis was adamant. He repeatedly asked Siddhartha if he would fight his case as he could not afford any lawyer.  Finally Siddhartha agreed.


Two days later the court date was fixed. Both the criminals were brought to the court. People were sitting on the benches and Lewis was one of them.

After the hearing of the case the police constable brought the criminals to the corridor that led to the exit gate.

Suddenly very loud sound of three shots was heard and both the criminals were lying dead on the floor. They were bleeding profusely. The police constable was also injured as one fire was shot on his leg.

Lewis was standing in the corridor facing both the criminals and the police constable. He had gun in his right hand.  Siddhartha coming out of the courtroom saw all this and was speechless.


Siddhartha met Lewis same evening in the coffee shop and asked why he did this? It was no point shooting at the criminals in the court premises and that too in front of everyone.  Lewis said he was boiling with revenge and had no choice.


It was 10.00 in the morning. Deepti informed Siddhartha that Ranjan sir had called just now and wanted him at his residence at 4.00.

Ranjan called Siddhartha every week to take updates on the office functioning and legal cases. Ranjan was not practicing law for some years but being an influential person his legal eye was sharper than Siddhartha. Ranjan on many occasions had advised Siddhartha that won him cases.

Siddhartha reached sharp at 4.00. Ranjan asked, “What is your opinion on Lewis? You will have to prove him insane to win this case. You have no other option.” Siddhartha didn’t get chance to speak.

John Douglas had the same habit as Ranjan and both friends enjoyed drinking the whole day without doing anything. Douglas was a renowned psychiatrist who could do anything to turn legal case in his favour.


The judge had appointed jury of 12 people who would hear each and every aspect of the case and would decide if Lewis was guilty of murder or not.

After several court hearings the case had become complicated in view of the fires shot by Lewis in front of everyone. State advocate was of the opinion that Lewis was in senses when he shot and he was not insane.

The judge asked the jury if they had arrived at any decision. They said that 6 of them are in favour and 6 are against Lewis.


Ranjan, Siddhartha and John were sitting at Ranjan’s residence thinking what to do to win this case. Winning this case meant money and fame for them. It meant something for Siddhartha to win this case as winning would have increased his clients base.

Next day the court hearing was started and John was called in the witness box. He looked at the Judge, then at the jury and then at the public. He started speaking by giving his brief introduction and how he had been helping insane patients.

Siddhartha came to the witness box and asked John, “What is your opinion about Lewis?”

John looked at the jury, became serious and said, “if my daughter would have been raped, I had been filled with anger and must have thought of shooting the criminals to take revenge. I believe if your daughter of 12 years would have been raped, you would have done the same.”

On hearing this some of the jury members were sympathetic and their eyes were wet. John saw this and sensed that he was going in the right direction.

He continued, “what Lewis did was absolutely correct. He could not think what was right and what was wrong as his mind was occupied with the image of his daughter who was lying in the hospital crying for his father. He had become insane.”

There was a silence for some time and then there was a loud applause in the courtroom. The judge asked the jury to declare their result by 4.00 in the evening.

The court was resumed at 4.00 and everyone was waiting for the decision of the jury. Now everything depended upon jury’s decision.

At 4.15 the jury confirmed their decision and handed over the piece of paper to the judge. The judge looked at the paper and then at the crowd in the courtroom.

Some people were praying and some were waiting for the result.

The judge cleared his throat and read the decision. “The court finds Mr. Lewis not guilty of murder”.

Within few seconds, the sound of claps could be heard everywhere and everyone thanked God for this positive decision.

The court was adjourned and people started going out of the court.

Lewis and Siddhartha left the courtroom and saw hundreds of people waiting for them to come. Press reporters were also waiting to live telecast interview with Lewis and Siddhartha.

After the interview everyone wanted to meet Lewis who had become a hero. A huge crowd met Siddhartha to get appointment to fight their legal cases.

Lewis reached home and hugged his daughter and wife.

Siddhartha reached office and relaxed. He closed office early as he wanted to enjoy evening with his wife.


Santa hat eyebrows-latest beauty trend turning your eyebrow


Santa hat eyebrows.

Yes this is the latest beauty trend that is turning everyone’s eyes.

The trend is very much in demand especially because Christmas is arriving soon. This style statement is the latest hot topic on instagram.

This hat eyebrow turns your furrows into an elongated version of Father Christmas signature hat and is a combination of red and white shades.

To recreate the look, some of the ladies have opted to colour their brows red – adding a little white dot to the tail end, to look like Santa’ bobble.

You have multiple bosses while you are on holiday

Have you ever thought what happens when you are on holiday?

You have multiple bosses when you are not in the office or you are out of office.

You are going on holiday and have told everyone in the office not to call or email you. You have left the laptop at home.

But you will definitely carry smart phone with you and you will be tempted to use social media.

And obviously you will post photos of every move that you make. Then you will expect likes and comments on these photos.

If you are an excellent phone photographer with a large fan following, the photos you tweet on twitter or post on instagram are making someone else rich.

Infact you have many bosses during vacations.

Twitter sells ad space based on your user engagement. Same goes for Instagram.

These platform owners thrive and become billionaires only if there are people willing to put their best efforts and make some good contributions.

These social media platforms are just a monotonous application without the labour of its users.

The people you are interacting with are probably on the full app, so you are keeping them engaged while FB serves them ads. Same goes for Airbnb or Uber or Google maps or Trip Advisor.

You have either earned those cash or helped them grow stronger in some way.



Resume rejected before interview-very high expectations shattered

I got a call from my friend on Wednesday evening and asked if I could go for walk in interview. It was scheduled next day (Thursday) in Gurgaon.

My friend told me to prepare technical questions which were expected in the interview.The time to brush my knowledge was very short.

But it’s all about time management and stress management.

My stars are generally not good. Whatever task I start, it is either not started or if it starts it is hung and task is not completed.

Anyways I prepared for the interview, kept my resume in a good looking folder and took out a rucksack bag so that I could keep water bottle, pen and some Namkeen snacks in case I feel like eating during travel.

The interview was scheduled from 10.00 in the morning and I had to wake up at 6.00 in the morning.

Travelling from Rohini to Gurgaon takes 2 to 2 and half hours. Waking up at 6.00 means you can leave home at about 7.00.

For me doing all morning chores including morning walk and bathing is a must and hence I need extra time.

I got ready and was about to leave. I thought of calling my friend to reconfirm the interview time.

My friend confirmed that interview would be from 2 to 4 in the noon and it would be better if I could make it at 1.00 so that I would be the first one and would leave for home early.

I became irritated and asked my friend why he had told me morning time for interview. I had to wake up too early in the morning.

He reminded me that he had told me to call at around 7 in the morning before leaving as time could have changed.

I realized my mistake and thanked him. Thanks God I did not argue with him.

I thought of doing something as there was enough time for the revised timings.

What I should do?

Sleep was the best way to pass the time and become fresh before going for the interview.

I lied down on the bed and felt like sleeping.

The moment I closed my eyes, my wife called me and asked if I had kept her bangles in her rack.

Horrible things started coming in my head. I thought either I should do it and confirm or keep lying on the bed and wait for the sweet sleep to come.

I chose second option.

I slept for about 2 hours. My wife woke me up and asked if I have to go for interview. I checked my watch. It was 10.00 and I had to rush.

My wife did not ask for the bangles. Good thing!

I checked all my belongings and left. I took metro and reached at around 12.20 in the noon.

I went upstairs and reached the reception. I was very happy as only one girl was waiting.

I asked the security guard if I could make entry in the register so that I could be called first for interview.

He told me “Sir Entries will start at 1.30 and interview would start at 2.00”.

I looked at the girl and she looked at me.

She kept on staring at me for about a minute and finally asked if I had come for interview. I said “Yes”.

We started talking to one another.

We were the only one for the interview.

We waited for about half an hour and then one HR girl came and asked if we had come for the interview.

We both said yes and felt relieved that we would be called very shortly.

Another 10-15 minutes passed and the HR girl reappeared at the reception and told security guard that entries should be started at 1.30.

Hopes of both of us dashed. We now knew that we would be called at the scheduled time.

We waited for some more time. It was about 1.20 and 3 people came and headed for the security guard. We knew they had for the interview.

Another 10 minutes and more than 10 people came at the reception.

The security guard called both of us to enter details in the register.

We both rushed as serial number of entries made in the register would be used for calling interviewees.

By around 2.00 about 60 candidates were present at the reception.

We were given a slip to update our information and staple it on the top of resume.

The updated slips were filled by each candidate and were handed to the security guard at the reception.

After about 10 minutes names of few candidates were called by HR representative. I was happy that my name was also included in the first list.

We all came near the HR girl to take further instructions.

I was very happy that I would be selected and then I would take my wife to holiday after first salary. I had to get my room painted and some repairs.

But the HR girl told all of us that our experience was either irrelevant or we were over experienced.

I was shocked to hear this. In fact everyone hearing this was shocked.

Now everyone started discussing about the travel time and leave taken from the current employer. Almost everyone had come all the way that was about 2-3 hours travel.

My high expectations were shattered.

Anyways nothing could be done now other than to leave for the day.

God will give us whenever the time comes. So never expect too much in your life. If you run after things, you will not get it. The moment you stop thinking about a particular thing, the chances of getting that thing is very bright.


It was raining heavily and I lost my car’s keys

For many days, I was thinking of visiting Lajpat Nagar market, a posh market area in South Delhi.

Today I got chance to visit Lajpat Nagar. This was not chance but my destiny.

I was thinking of selling mobile phones on e-Commerce portals and had to visit mobile store to check the inventory and billing details. Otherwise the phones could have been delivered at my place in Rohini. At least people listen to me and take me seriously when I talk business.

It had been warm and very humid weather for last couple of days. Today when I was about to start it started raining heavily. I listened to rain drops and my wife went outside from the back gate opening towards service lane.

She was surprised. There was no rain and it was dry everywhere. I checked from the front gate and it was raining heavily.

Infact the rain started from the side of the locality that faces our front door entrance. Hence there was no rain in the back side of the locality.

Anyways, I started my engine and we went for drive. It was approximately one and an half hour drive from Rohini to Lajpat Nagar. I was expecting more time due to rain but there was no traffic jam though the traffic was moving at a slow pace.

At about 12.30 in the afternoon we reached the destination and took parking ticket from the parking staff.

We went inside the shop and came out in about an hour after discussing the business.

We went towards the parking lot. Vision was poor due to rain and found difficulty in crossing the road.

I gave car keys to my wife and asked her to sit inside so that she feels comfortable in this weather.

I had to go to the toilet and settle parking charges with the guy.

I came back and paid to the parking guy and sat inside the car.

I asked my wife why she did not roll down the windows. She said “you have the keys so how can I roll down the window”.

I was surprised and told her that I had given the keys to her. But she raised her voice and said “why will I keep the keys. Please check inside the washroom”.

I got out of the car in the heavy rains and ran towards the bathroom. I was about to slip at the entrance of the bathroom as the specs glasses had rain drops all over and vision had become poor.

People were urinating and I was looking here and there for keys. Everyone was staring at me and I felt embraced. I said slowly to myself “where are the keys”.

I had to say this so that people listen to it and stop staring at me and rather help me out in searching keys.

I checked everywhere and after about 10-15 minutes the parking guy came running inside the bathroom to inform me that the keys are available. I asked how he found it.

He smiled and told me very gently that the keys were with my wife.

I felt relaxed and went inside the car.

I became furious to see my wife because she was responsible for all this chaos.

I shouted “why didn’t you tell me earlier that you had the keys”.

She became angry but calmed down immediately and said sweetly “I am so sorry”.

I had no words.

There was silence for about 30 seconds.

At last I took the keys and started our car.

After about 15 minutes of driving in silence mode, my wife asked me “Are you still angry with me”.

I looked at her and smiled and then we had to start our usual conversation.

Always remember there is no point in fighting with your wife if she does not show anger. In these cases they themselves know of the mistake committed.

If they are sweet after these incidences that means they have self realized the mistake.

Otherwise also do you have any other option?

Snake dancing to the tune of snake charmer

The snake charmer starts playing flute and as if drawn by the tune, a snake eventually emerges from the container; if a cobra, it may even extend its hood.

The snake does have ears but it cannot listen in the air. It moves when the playing of a special type of tune on pipe produces vibrations on the surface.

The charmer is daring and courageous as a wrong move or a slight variation in the pipe music may make the snake aggressive due to different vibrations and may bite the charmer.

The more defensive ways include removing fang or venom glands of the creature. In some cases the mouth of the creature is sewed.

Snake charmers are available mostly in India and surrounding countries that make Snakes dance. They are also available in northern parts of African continent. They attract huge crowds at the crowded markets and fairs.

So beware next time you see a snake charmer!

Amazon rainforest-more than 350 species found

Amazon rainforest is one of the most famous and dense rainforest in the world. It is also dangerous if anyone goes deep into it.

This world’s largest tropical rainforest lies in much of north western Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries. It measures about 5.5 Million sq km.

Discoveries by scientists have been mostly in endangered areas threatened by human activities as confirmed by World Wildlife fund (WWF). It took nearly 2 years for scientists to do this task.

Nearly 381 species were found including 216 plants, 93 fish, 32 amphibians, 19 reptiles, 1 bird and 20 mammals.

Some of the interesting new finds include fire-tailed titi monkey, or Milton’s titi, a white ball acari, a nocturnal river fish, and a ‘honeycomb’ stingray, a freshwater ray.

A Brazilian judge has held an order on proposed mining in the area nearly size of Switzerland which is really applaudable otherwise these discoveries will cease in future and we will lose all natural resources.

Landing job at coveted companies-Answer these bizarre questions

Must read for each one of you..

Want to land jobs at coveted companies?

What does it take to be observed by these companies?

You can land if you are able to answer some of the bizarre questions asked by CEO and other senior management of these companies that may force you to think out of the box.

These questions are asked by super bosses to nail the right candidate. And you should be prepared for  a curveball.

Some of the questions asked by the interviewee are given below. Questions  asked are followed by companies name, designation and candidate profile.

  • If you had a choice between two superpowers(invisible or flying)-which would you choose? Question asked by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for position of Microsoft Product-lead/evangelist.
  • How many pianos are in Poland? Question asked by BCG CEO Rich Lesser for position of Intern candidate.
  • Suppose I am your manager and you get hired in this organization. At the end of one year, what will I write in your performance review? Question asked by Bain CEO Bob Bechek for Associate consultant.
  • If you have to choose one song to be played every time you walked into a room of the rest of your life, what would it be? Question asked by Google CEO Sundar Pichai for Associate account candidate.
  • How many ping pong balls would fill this room in which we are sitting? Question asked by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner for Sales manager.
  • How will you build Facebook for the blind? Question asked by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for Product Manager.
  • If I am talking to your best friend, what will they say you need to work on? Question asked by Apple CEO Tim Cook for Red Zone specialist.
  • How many children are born every day? Question asked by Apple CEO Tim Cook for Global supply manager.
  • Give me the book title and chapter titles for a major accomplishment achieved by you? Question asked by McKinsey CEO Dominic Barton for summer associate.
  • What is the angle between the hour and minute hand at three fifteen? Question asked by Fast enterprises CEO Martin Rankin for the position of Implementation consultant.


Some of the other questions being asked that may have multiple correct answers. It all depends on you if your answer is among the ones that the interviewer is looking for.


  • You are standing on the surface of the earth. You walk one mile south, one mile west and one mile north. You end up exactly where you started. Where are you? Question asked by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.
  • Which thing you didn’t get chance to include in your resume? Question asked by Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how weird are you? Or On a scale of 1 to 10 how lucky are you in life? Questions asked by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.
  • Tell me something that’s true, but almost nobody agrees with you on? Question asked by Paypal Co-founder Peter Thiel.
  • There are 5 questions that Dropbox Founder Drew Houston loves asking  to check if a candidate is passionate to constantly improve.


  1. Who is the best in the world at what you do?
  2. Who are you influences?
  3. What have you learned in the last year?
  4. If you were able to sit yourself down 10 years ago, what advice would you give your younger self?
  5. What are the most important lessons you’ve taken away?


Indians don’t kiss-48 cuts in film by CBFC

Indians don’t kiss and don’t use cuss words.

But the film “Babumoshai Bandookbaaz” has used many such words and is intense with kiss scenes.

The film directed by Kushan Nandy & produced by Kiran Shyam Shroff and Ashmith Kunder has star cast-Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Chitrangada Singh, Tahir Bhasin, Bidita Bag, and Roopa Ganguly.

The movie, filled with humor and romance, is a quirky ride into the life and times of a small time contract killer, Babu, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Generally actress does not take up this issue with CBFC.

But Bengali Actress Bidita Bag has taken CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani after 48 cuts were ordered in the film.

This Bengali lass has put messages on social media including instagram that Indians ladkiyan are very sanskari and do not use abusive language. Is it hypocrite society?

I do not understand when we will grow up?

We listen to Bakchod shows and reality shows including Splitsvilla where these things are common. Why such serials are not banned in India?


Formula 1 cars more safe with Halo device

Formula 1 race going racy on race circuit and everyone is eagerly waiting as to who will race faster to finish first. Suddenly 2 cars come closer about to touch.

In next 2 seconds the cars collide and are turned upside down and the driver of one car dies.

This has been the case in many races across the world every year.

Motor federation has come with a new device “Halo” which is extra protection on the helmets worn by car racers.

The device was tested for the first time in 2016 and will be introduced in all Formula 1 car races from 2018.

This device is designed to give extra cockpit protection to limit head injuries. This forms a semi circular barrier around the driver’s head to avoid attracting flying debris without completely closing the cockpit.

Many drivers were divided on this with Lewis Hamilton openly opposing this device.

Let’s hope the drivers should feel a bit more safe now..