Resume rejected before interview-very high expectations shattered

I got a call from my friend on Wednesday evening and asked if I could go for walk in interview. It was scheduled next day (Thursday) in Gurgaon.

My friend told me to prepare technical questions which were expected in the interview.The time to brush my knowledge was very short.

But it’s all about time management and stress management.

My stars are generally not good. Whatever task I start, it is either not started or if it starts it is hung and task is not completed.

Anyways I prepared for the interview, kept my resume in a good looking folder and took out a rucksack bag so that I could keep water bottle, pen and some Namkeen snacks in case I feel like eating during travel.

The interview was scheduled from 10.00 in the morning and I had to wake up at 6.00 in the morning.

Travelling from Rohini to Gurgaon takes 2 to 2 and half hours. Waking up at 6.00 means you can leave home at about 7.00.

For me doing all morning chores including morning walk and bathing is a must and hence I need extra time.

I got ready and was about to leave. I thought of calling my friend to reconfirm the interview time.

My friend confirmed that interview would be from 2 to 4 in the noon and it would be better if I could make it at 1.00 so that I would be the first one and would leave for home early.

I became irritated and asked my friend why he had told me morning time for interview. I had to wake up too early in the morning.

He reminded me that he had told me to call at around 7 in the morning before leaving as time could have changed.

I realized my mistake and thanked him. Thanks God I did not argue with him.

I thought of doing something as there was enough time for the revised timings.

What I should do?

Sleep was the best way to pass the time and become fresh before going for the interview.

I lied down on the bed and felt like sleeping.

The moment I closed my eyes, my wife called me and asked if I had kept her bangles in her rack.

Horrible things started coming in my head. I thought either I should do it and confirm or keep lying on the bed and wait for the sweet sleep to come.

I chose second option.

I slept for about 2 hours. My wife woke me up and asked if I have to go for interview. I checked my watch. It was 10.00 and I had to rush.

My wife did not ask for the bangles. Good thing!

I checked all my belongings and left. I took metro and reached at around 12.20 in the noon.

I went upstairs and reached the reception. I was very happy as only one girl was waiting.

I asked the security guard if I could make entry in the register so that I could be called first for interview.

He told me “Sir Entries will start at 1.30 and interview would start at 2.00”.

I looked at the girl and she looked at me.

She kept on staring at me for about a minute and finally asked if I had come for interview. I said “Yes”.

We started talking to one another.

We were the only one for the interview.

We waited for about half an hour and then one HR girl came and asked if we had come for the interview.

We both said yes and felt relieved that we would be called very shortly.

Another 10-15 minutes passed and the HR girl reappeared at the reception and told security guard that entries should be started at 1.30.

Hopes of both of us dashed. We now knew that we would be called at the scheduled time.

We waited for some more time. It was about 1.20 and 3 people came and headed for the security guard. We knew they had for the interview.

Another 10 minutes and more than 10 people came at the reception.

The security guard called both of us to enter details in the register.

We both rushed as serial number of entries made in the register would be used for calling interviewees.

By around 2.00 about 60 candidates were present at the reception.

We were given a slip to update our information and staple it on the top of resume.

The updated slips were filled by each candidate and were handed to the security guard at the reception.

After about 10 minutes names of few candidates were called by HR representative. I was happy that my name was also included in the first list.

We all came near the HR girl to take further instructions.

I was very happy that I would be selected and then I would take my wife to holiday after first salary. I had to get my room painted and some repairs.

But the HR girl told all of us that our experience was either irrelevant or we were over experienced.

I was shocked to hear this. In fact everyone hearing this was shocked.

Now everyone started discussing about the travel time and leave taken from the current employer. Almost everyone had come all the way that was about 2-3 hours travel.

My high expectations were shattered.

Anyways nothing could be done now other than to leave for the day.

God will give us whenever the time comes. So never expect too much in your life. If you run after things, you will not get it. The moment you stop thinking about a particular thing, the chances of getting that thing is very bright.


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