Snake dancing to the tune of snake charmer

The snake charmer starts playing flute and as if drawn by the tune, a snake eventually emerges from the container; if a cobra, it may even extend its hood.

The snake does have ears but it cannot listen in the air. It moves when the playing of a special type of tune on pipe produces vibrations on the surface.

The charmer is daring and courageous as a wrong move or a slight variation in the pipe music may make the snake aggressive due to different vibrations and may bite the charmer.

The more defensive ways include removing fang or venom glands of the creature. In some cases the mouth of the creature is sewed.

Snake charmers are available mostly in India and surrounding countries that make Snakes dance. They are also available in northern parts of African continent. They attract huge crowds at the crowded markets and fairs.

So beware next time you see a snake charmer!

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