Now travel by sea just like you travel by bus and metro


Have you travelled by sea just like you travel by bus or metro?

It is now possible with the launch of seaplane in India that will take its maiden flight from Varanasi, the constituency of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Varanasi is a town in Uttar Pradesh where river Ganga flows along its shores.

Amphibious aircraft can take off and land on both short strips and water bodies. Amphibious aircrafts are slower and heavier but are more versatile than the usual land planes. They could be slightly tricky to manoeuvre as these planes, unlike helicopters, cannot hover in the same place and cannot land vertically.

Spicejet chairman Ajay Singh told times of India newspaper “I was aiming to start flights with amphibious plane in 2018 and Varanasi could be the launchpad for this service. Each seaplane costs about $5 million and I am planning for at least 100 such seaplanes.

Many states in India have approached for this service so that the states could have better connectivity.

Many places have been identified for deploying seaplanes and include Andaman, Lakshadweep, the northeast states, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

India has shortage of airport infrastructure and hence these amphibian planes will be great help in improving transport infrastructure as they can land and take off just from anywhere. This will be helpful for last mile connectivity and these planes open up a lot of areas and create a lot of flexibility.



You have multiple bosses while you are on holiday

Have you ever thought what happens when you are on holiday?

You have multiple bosses when you are not in the office or you are out of office.

You are going on holiday and have told everyone in the office not to call or email you. You have left the laptop at home.

But you will definitely carry smart phone with you and you will be tempted to use social media.

And obviously you will post photos of every move that you make. Then you will expect likes and comments on these photos.

If you are an excellent phone photographer with a large fan following, the photos you tweet on twitter or post on instagram are making someone else rich.

Infact you have many bosses during vacations.

Twitter sells ad space based on your user engagement. Same goes for Instagram.

These platform owners thrive and become billionaires only if there are people willing to put their best efforts and make some good contributions.

These social media platforms are just a monotonous application without the labour of its users.

The people you are interacting with are probably on the full app, so you are keeping them engaged while FB serves them ads. Same goes for Airbnb or Uber or Google maps or Trip Advisor.

You have either earned those cash or helped them grow stronger in some way.



Dead man


I had to go inside the room. The light inside was very dull. It was dark outside.

Not because of street lights but because it was a moonless night. Street lights anyway did not work for last couple of weeks.

The municipal corporation was not doing its job properly. It did not listen to people’s grievances and gave excuses to address the issue.

The situation did not improve due to the corrupt officials in the corporation.

I was responsible for this planning.

I met Jacob about a month back in the summer of June.

I was having coffee in café coffee day in the relaxed atmosphere after visiting bank.  I was sitting alone chatting with my friend on phone when I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I held the call and saw who he was?

He was a middle aged man about 55 years old, wrinkles running down his…

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Blue Wine-New flavour for your taste buds

Blue wine. You may not have heard about it before.

A new cobalt blue colored wine is being launched in USA in October 2017 after a two year experiment mainly in Spain. The maker of this wine Gik who originally launched in Spain were fined Euro 3000 by Spanish government as this colour was not legally approved in wine industry.

It will be launched in USA in October and is expected to be priced between $12 to $14.

The producers of this wine are trying to do something different with fun element. The wine consists of both red and white grapes sourced from various vineyards in Spain and should appeal to everyone tasting and drinking it.

So what are you waiting for?

Taste it and have fun.


How can you tell age of a tree

Do you know age of a tree planted around you?

As a tree grows, its trunk thickens as new wood is added in the middle of the trunk.

The age of a tree can be judged not only  by the thickness and height of a tree but also by the number of circles on the trunk. Each circle indicates roughly a year.

In fact if find any severed tree you will see number of concentric circles in a cross section of trunk growing from the middle outwards. The space between two concentric circles represent annual layer of wood and by counting number of circles themselves the age of a tree can be known.

If you count number of circles in some giant fir trees, it will be many hundreds of years old.

These circles are also known as tree’s rings.


Amazon rainforest-more than 350 species found

Amazon rainforest is one of the most famous and dense rainforest in the world. It is also dangerous if anyone goes deep into it.

This world’s largest tropical rainforest lies in much of north western Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries. It measures about 5.5 Million sq km.

Discoveries by scientists have been mostly in endangered areas threatened by human activities as confirmed by World Wildlife fund (WWF). It took nearly 2 years for scientists to do this task.

Nearly 381 species were found including 216 plants, 93 fish, 32 amphibians, 19 reptiles, 1 bird and 20 mammals.

Some of the interesting new finds include fire-tailed titi monkey, or Milton’s titi, a white ball acari, a nocturnal river fish, and a ‘honeycomb’ stingray, a freshwater ray.

A Brazilian judge has held an order on proposed mining in the area nearly size of Switzerland which is really applaudable otherwise these discoveries will cease in future and we will lose all natural resources.