You have multiple bosses while you are on holiday

Have you ever thought what happens when you are on holiday?

You have multiple bosses when you are not in the office or you are out of office.

You are going on holiday and have told everyone in the office not to call or email you. You have left the laptop at home.

But you will definitely carry smart phone with you and you will be tempted to use social media.

And obviously you will post photos of every move that you make. Then you will expect likes and comments on these photos.

If you are an excellent phone photographer with a large fan following, the photos you tweet on twitter or post on instagram are making someone else rich.

Infact you have many bosses during vacations.

Twitter sells ad space based on your user engagement. Same goes for Instagram.

These platform owners thrive and become billionaires only if there are people willing to put their best efforts and make some good contributions.

These social media platforms are just a monotonous application without the labour of its users.

The people you are interacting with are probably on the full app, so you are keeping them engaged while FB serves them ads. Same goes for Airbnb or Uber or Google maps or Trip Advisor.

You have either earned those cash or helped them grow stronger in some way.



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