Young Association working for needy children

Want to be part of Young Association with so many dedicated and active members?

Young association is a group of young guys and gals who impart education to underprivileged children and teach them ways of leading good life. It is not an NGO as it is neither funded by Government nor by any other organization. This association is registered by the name of Sai Keshri Manik Institute of Education Service.

This organization was started on Sep11, 2010 by Mr. Ayush Keshri and is now operating in many states in India including Delhi, Haryana, Bihar and UP.

Its official address is J-49, 2nd Floor, Laxminagar, Delhi-110092.

One of the main lead in this Young Association is Monika Gupta, Chairperson, Young Association who has been actively engaged in various activities. Fun filled activities are also held to encourage children not to leave their education.

Members of this Association believe that if we wish to see change in society, we have to start working right now.

This association has been organizing events for the underprivileged living in slums, orphanages and Govt. schools on weekends.

The core members of this association are Pooja Mishra, Abhishek kumar, Versha Khuttel, Richa Tripathi, Deepanshi Kacharia & Monika Gupta.

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Charitable trusts-why controlled by big corporate houses

I do not understand why government allows big business houses to control charitable trusts.

Charitable trusts are meant for specific purpose mainly to help humanity in one or another way.

Charitable trusts should not be allowed to hold more than 1% of shares of for profit organization or Rs 5 crores, which ever is more. Otherwise purpose of giving tax benefit to trusts will be defeated as they will be inclined to deviate from their core purpose and will serve interests of for profit organization.

Indian government has allowed new trusts to hold not more than 1% of shares of for profit organization or Rs5 crores whichever is more. However this is not applicable for old trusts.  Examples of old trusts are Tatas and Birlas where they are allowed to continue to hold shares.

If today Azim Premji or Nandan Nilekani have to create trusts they will not be allowed to hold more than 1% of shares of for profit organization.

Why there is discrimination between old and new trusts?

The government should amend laws so that old and new trusts come at par.

The trusts currently invest in interest earning bonds which do not earn much in long term thereby eroding net worth of trusts. They should be allowed to invest in equity market where return in long term is more.

Tatas and Birlas can be given 5 years time to gradually decrease their stake in big business houses to less than 1% in for profit organizations.