Water n Metal available now outside our solar system


Recently scientists have discovered some trace of water and multiple metals on Exoplanet. Exoplanet is a star revolving around a solar system.

Scientists from University of Cambridge in UK & Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias(IAC) in Spain have discovered WASP-127b, a  giant planet with partly clear skies and heavy presence of multiple metals including sodium, potassium and lithium in its atmosphere. This was not available in earlier Exoplanets.

Scientists used Gran Telescopic Canarias (GTC) located in Canary Islands to study this phenomenon.

Radius of WASP-127b is 1.4 times larger than Jupiter but its mass is only 20% as compared to Jupiter and it takes only 4 days for this Exoplanet to orbit around its parent planet.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be launched in Year 2020 that will further investigate what lies inside WASP-127b. This telescope is a result of collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. This will be scientific successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.



Evil Spirits


I went to the temple today morning where Panditji had to perform Havan. I had visited this temple earlier on the recommendation of someone known in our family. This temple is known for accomplishment of your wishes. You make a wish and it will be done.

The Sankat Mochan temple is located near sector 22 of Rohini area. It does not occupy much area but whatever area it occupies is kept clean and hundreds of devotees throng this temple every Tuesday and Saturday with very long queues spreading over half a kilometer. On other days you will not find anyone outside the temple premises.

I reached with my wife at 8.15 which was 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. We touched our forehead on the entrance stair and saw about 10 people waiting inside in front of the main area where prominent idols of God and Goddess were kept. I inquired from the Panditji inside there when Sharma Panditji would come to perform Havan. He told us to sit and wait on the mat lying on the floor.

Five minutes later another Panditji came and was sitting on a desk. He called each of us and asked to pay Rs 551 and give yellow slip issued on our first visit. He marked the slip with his sign and entered details in register. We now had to go upstairs.

We went upstairs and sat on large mat lying on the left side of the room. Assistance was arranging for the things to be kept for each one of us. Sharma Panditji came in next 10 minutes. Some other arrangements had also to be done.

Finally Puja started at 9.30 which an hour later than the scheduled time. There were 11 small mats for each one of us. We sat on the mats facing one another and Puja started. We all had to keep our eyes closed with both hands folded near our heart. Within 5 minutes of starting of Puja, I could sense noise of breath being taken by someone that was sounding like ghost.

I kept my eyes shut. Sharma Panditji was enchanting mantras and we had to remember our God and Goddess whom we worship daily.

Images of Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva and Goddess Durga, Saraswati and Laxmiji came to my mind. But..

Within seconds my mind again diverted to breathing sound that was becoming louder and hollowed as if it was echoing. I could not remain my eyes shut and open my eyes.

I was frightened to see the girl sitting in the opposite line. She was shaking and her head was moving in circular motion first clockwise and then clockwise. 2 minutes later the girl sitting exactly opposite me also started shaking and her hands and legs were shaking. Sharma Panditji called people who had come with these girls and were sitting on the large mat. They were asked to take girls outside the room as they had started shouting in echoing mode.

The entire room was filled with fear and everyone was thinking what would happen next.

The moment both girls were about to leave the room, a lady sitting on the last mat in the opposite line started shaking and shouting. Now everyone was in deep fear. She was lying on the floor and was dragging herself in opposite direction just like a snake rattles. Panditji immediately asked the man who had come with this lady to take her also outside the room. Once all 3 were out, the Puja again started. Within minutes shriek sound of all girls/lady started coming inside the room. Panditji asked the assistance to lock the room door from inside so that he could concentrate on his Puja and enchanting of mantras.

The Puja continued for next half an hour during which we all continued to hear shriek sounds sometimes of one person or two persons and sometimes all three people.

We were asked to go outside the room for some time as Panditji needed additional time to prepare for Havan. Not the same room where three people were suffering but open balcony. In fact it was not open balcony but it was roof adjacent to Puja room.

I thought of going in the outside room from where continuous shriek sound was coming. I went inside the room and saw one girl standing on the floor and suddenly throwing her body on the floor with head banging on the floor. Another girl was moving her neck in clockwise motion with her loose hair covering her entire face. Lady was lying on the floor and was crying very loudly. Some people had come from outside wanting to meet Panditji. But since Panditji was busy they sat in the outside room and watched the horrible scene.

After some time we were called inside as Havan had to start. Havan Kund was brought inside the room and 8 mats were kept all around the Kund.

We had to perform as per instructions of Panditji. Panditji had instructed everyone sitting on 8 mats and other people who had come with us to say loudly “Swaha” after every spoon of ghee is poured inside the Havan. Ghee was necessary so that fire does not extinguish but intensity of fire increases with every spoon of ghee.

Havan continued for about 20 minutes. Once we finished another set of 8 people came and sat on the same 8 mats. Same procedure was followed again and eventually Havan was concluded.

We all stood now as Aarti had to be performed. Panditji instructed his assistance to bring all three people inside the room.

We felt horrified. What would happen if evil spirits continued to haunt those 3 people and what would happen if they attacked any one of us?

They were coming inside and we all stared at the entrance door with curious eyes. Now they all were pacified souls with no breathing sound coming. We all felt relieved.

Aarti was performed and we all contributed money whatever everyone had to give. We all took Prasad and were asked to leave and anyone having any doubt could wait and contact Panditji.

Everyone started to leave but looked at those three souls before leaving to check if everything was fine.

Those three people were still quite.

I got a chance to ask Panditji why this happened. He replied, “This is the influence of wind that gathers momentum because of evil spirits present all around.  The spirits are present because sins of people are washed away once they come here and Havan is performed. But you need not worry; evil spirits leaves human body in the process of performing Havan.”

I felt satisfied with this answer and left for the home.

Offices now in Forest


Have you ever dreamt of working in the forest?

Now companies like Amazon, Samsung and Alibaba are building structures in such a way that you can walk from the office and reach forest in few minutes and work in the lap of nature.

Companies are resorting to state of the art designs at work place so that employees are more happy, give better productivity and can stay for longer hours to meet deadlines.

This trend is called Biophilia where the people tend to connect with the nature. We feel more at ease in the lap of nature than in the sterile office.

How will you feel if you have to stick inside the office without a minute to go out and get some fresh air? Definitely not very pleasant.

People generally prefer daylight and that too surrounded by plants rather than working in the dark.

Working in the open and natural environment will definitely reduce electricity and other overhead expenses and will be healthier for human beings.

There are many offices which are even looking for aviary.

So let’s see what lies ahead for your future office.

Snow is now safe to eat


Many of you must have seen snow and I am sure you must have played with it enjoying chilly weather.

Snow which was considered earlier unfit to eat is now safe if it is half day old as per Romanian university which published results of 2017 experiments done so far.

Moreover the snow is safer to eat in winter months.

One thing to note is snow is unfit to eat if it two days old as per Istvan Mathe, a professor at one of the Hungarian University.

Few chunks of snow was taken during winter season in central Romania and placed in sterilized containers. Bacteria were grown in this container in temperature ranging from -1 degree Celsius to -17.4 degrees Celsius. Fresh snow had few bacteria but 2 days old snow had many bacteria as microorganisms increase due to impurities in the air.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy with snow and play and eat it at the same time.

Asteroid coming close to Earth at 42 lakhs km


You must have heard about asteroids coming close to Earth and about to collide. Looks like a fairy tale.

But this is true.

February 4, 2018 which is less than a week from now will witness this when asteroid called “2002 AJ129” will zip past Earth at a speed of 1 lakh kmph and is designated potentially hazardous by NASA scientists.

This is potentially hazardous because the asteroid which is 1.1 Km wide will fly about 42 lakhs Km away from Earth which is considered very close in space terms.

To give an idea on this distance Moon is 3.84 lakhs km away from Earth.

In the early years of its formation asteroids had collided with Earth about 4 billion years ago that resulted in extinction of about 75% species of plants and animals including dinosaurs. This also resulted in climate change.

The proof of such a disaster is The Chicxulub crater located in Mexico’s Chicxulub town.

There are about 190 craters on Earth because of such disasters happened earlier.  Out of this 190 following countries have the maximum craters:

  • Canada-32
  • USA-28
  • Australia-27
  • Russia-19
  • Finland-11
  • Sweden-8
  • Brazil-7
  • Ukraine-7
  • Algeria-4
  • Estonia-4
  • Kazakhstan-4
  • South Africa- 4
  • Others-35

India has 2 craters one in The Lonar Lake in Buldhana district of Maharashtra and another one in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. These craters are believed to be 52,000 to 5, 70,000 years old and have a diameter of 11 kms.

Water Alligator



Have you ever seen aquatic plants that are sprawling grounds for Alligators?

These were spotted at the side of Salado river, a tributary of Paraguay River and is an off the beaten place that provides a hiding place for small Alligators.

These are giant round water lilies spanning over 1.5 meters (approx 5 feet) that was believed to be extinct about 12 years ago and have given a boost to tourism.

These wonderful plants which are a queen of water lilies are native to Paraguay which and appear every third or fourth southern hemisphere summer.

The scientific name of this plant is Victoria Cruziana. These are also called Alligator Lilies because they are large enough to hide small Alligator.

These lilies are very good in tea making as these fight asthma and bronchial issues and hence authorities have issued warnings to fine anyone who tries to harvest this plant.

OMG!Chilly weather dropping Iguanas from trees


Have you ever heard anyone falling from the tree because of chilly weather?

Iguanas are falling from the trees in USA due to chilled weather.

Iguana is a large arboreal tropical American lizard with a spiny crest along the back and greenish coloration which are found in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. These can even be found in Southern belt of USA.

Florida, a south eastern state of USA has become so chilled that Iguana is falling from the tree like overripe mangoes once it climbs it due to bad weather. Iguana is a cold blooded lizard but chill factor has forced Iguana to loosen its grip and fall on the surface.

These herbivorous creatures fall once the temperature nose dives to 10 degrees Celsius. Fellow reptiles-sea turtles also stiffen when the temperature drops.

Residents are advised not to come near Iguanas as they may feel threatened and may bite once they warm up.

Duck like Dinosaurs Species found


Dinosaurs have always been a mystery for human being and have always been a subject of experiment and finding something new about them.

Recently a new species of Dinosaurs has been found and is named Halszkaraptor esuilliei after Polish palaeontologist Halszka Osmolska.

This species has a bill like a duck, teeth like a croc’s, a swanlike neck and killer claws, flippers like a penguin but walked like an ostrich. This meat eating Dino can also swim making it the first of its kind having swimming ability. Though the creature could run and swim but it was not able to fly.

This tiny creature only about 45 centimeters tall roamed about 75 million years ago in area which is now Mangolia.

Scientists believe that this creature would likely have been comfortable both on the water surface and on the land, making it a particularly versatile carnivore.

The full research paper was published in the magazine Nature.

How can you tell age of a tree

Do you know age of a tree planted around you?

As a tree grows, its trunk thickens as new wood is added in the middle of the trunk.

The age of a tree can be judged not only  by the thickness and height of a tree but also by the number of circles on the trunk. Each circle indicates roughly a year.

In fact if find any severed tree you will see number of concentric circles in a cross section of trunk growing from the middle outwards. The space between two concentric circles represent annual layer of wood and by counting number of circles themselves the age of a tree can be known.

If you count number of circles in some giant fir trees, it will be many hundreds of years old.

These circles are also known as tree’s rings.


Amazon rainforest-more than 350 species found

Amazon rainforest is one of the most famous and dense rainforest in the world. It is also dangerous if anyone goes deep into it.

This world’s largest tropical rainforest lies in much of north western Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries. It measures about 5.5 Million sq km.

Discoveries by scientists have been mostly in endangered areas threatened by human activities as confirmed by World Wildlife fund (WWF). It took nearly 2 years for scientists to do this task.

Nearly 381 species were found including 216 plants, 93 fish, 32 amphibians, 19 reptiles, 1 bird and 20 mammals.

Some of the interesting new finds include fire-tailed titi monkey, or Milton’s titi, a white ball acari, a nocturnal river fish, and a ‘honeycomb’ stingray, a freshwater ray.

A Brazilian judge has held an order on proposed mining in the area nearly size of Switzerland which is really applaudable otherwise these discoveries will cease in future and we will lose all natural resources.