World of Zombies-Part 1

Half human, half beast.  Sometimes it is dragon that bites and sometimes it looks like a wolf. You must have seen these creatures in movies and serials.

These are Zombies that chases human being and may be harmful.

Zombie bites human being and the person if not treated will turn into the same monster within six months. This person who has become zombie will again bite and tear flesh of another human being and thus this becomes a vicious circle.

There are several stories on this.

Incidence 1

One of them was heard in the island of Haiti where a patient came to hospital for treatment in May 1962. He was suffering from severe body ache, sick with fever and spitting blood. He was admitted in hospital but his condition kept on deteriorating and was declared dead. His sister identified the body and made arrangement for his burial.

About 20 years later in 1981, the sister was approached by a man in the local marked and introduced himself with childhood name of his dead brother. She was stunned.

This name was known only to sister and very few family members knew. The man informed her that he had been turned into zombie and was forced to work in a plantation. This lead to the breaking news on the media and subsequently extensive psychiatric tests proved that this man was really her brother.

Many interviews were held with the masters who created zombies and discovered they were creating complex poisons from local ingredients. Human beings were inhaling or absorbing these poisons through their skins. This was leading affected human being to feel and looks like a dead person. The zombie masters disclosed to the interviewers that affected human beings were buried alive and later on dug up. These dug up bodies were beaten up by their masters so that old souls are driven out from the body. This extreme torture led to mental damage and they would do whatever their masters ask them to do.

To be continued…


Girlfriend waiting,bike keys left at home

I had to meet Neetu, my girlfriend today at 5.00 in the evening. I was excited as I had to propose her which was a surprise for her also.

I woke up at 7.00 in the morning and shaved to look smart.

I look 2-3 years older with beard and stubble on my long slim face and do not suit me as my complexion is dusky.

I took bath and wore nicely ironed full sleeved white shirt with a pair of denim jeans. I chose black pair of polished shoes with matching socks.

I had chaach and Aijwain parantha in the breakfast.

It was 9.00.

My mom told me to bring medicine from drug store.

I went out into the garage where my Triumph bike was parked.

I took out the bike from the garage and pressed push button for the engine to start.

It made annoying sound as if something was struck in the exhaust pipe. I checked but could not find anything. I again tried but it didn’t start.

My heart sank.

I had to meet my girlfriend but would not make it if bike didn’t start.

Time was very short and I had to take it to the mechanic. I dragged bike in the scorching heat and reached mechanic.

Luckily mechanic shop was only 100 meters away.

I shouted at Dhanraj, the mechanic who had repaired my bike about a month ago. It costs a lot in coming again and again and getting it repaired.

Dhanraj reminded me that the service was due since last month and he had informed me earlier at the time of repairing my bike last month.

I calmed down as it was my mistake. In fact I was not getting time to get bike serviced as office schedule was hectic and I worked on weekends also during last couple of weeks to meet deadline.

Triumph service generally takes 7-8 hours but I still asked Dhanraj how much time it would take.

Dhanraj replied, “Your bike will be ready by 6.00 in the evening.”

I requested if I could get bike by 3.00. Dhanraj thought for some time and finally said, “Ok, I will try to give it by 3.00. Please call me at 3.00 to check the status.”

I felt relieved.

I came back home walking.

The moment Mom saw me she asked, “Vishal have you brought the medicine?”

I became irritated but said calmly, “I forgot as my bike was not keeping well. I am going to bring it.”

I walked all the way to the drug store and brought the medicine.

I was waiting for the beautiful evening and different thoughts occupied my mind.

The wall clock struck 3.00 and I immediately called the mechanic.

I asked Dhanraj, “I am coming to pick my bike.”

Dhanraj paused for a while and said, “Let me check.” He came back on phone after about a minute and said, “Sir Bike was serviced but could not be washed as you had taken the keys with you.”

I became angry and really wanted to beat up Dhanraj. I raised my voice and asked, “Why didn’t you ask for the key. You could have called me and I would have come again to hand over the keys.”

Dhanraj simply said, “Sorry sir.”

I didn’t have any choice but to get the work done so I stayed calm. There was no point in arguing over this issue.

I fumbled in pockets and found the key in left hip pocket. I immediately rushed to the workshop and handed over the key.

There were 2 more bikes waiting to be washed. Those bikes had come after my bike but were queued up earlier as keys were available for them.

I requested the mechanic if he could clean my bike before those 2 bikes. He refused saying other customers were equally important to him. I insisted and offered him a Rs 500 note. He agreed.

Finally the bike was ready at 4.00 and I paid for the service and immediately started my bike and reached home.

My shirt was wet with sweat and shoes had gathered dust.  I changed my shirt and polished my shoes again.

I looked myself in the mirror. I had the same glory as it was in the morning.

It was 4.30 and I would have been late if I had not started immediately.

I reached the Pandit chowk where I had to meet Neetu. I reached sharp at 5.00 and waited eagerly but she was not there.

I became anxious. I checked my mobile to see if she called me. There was no call. I checked the whatsapp message.

I was shattered when I read the message. She had written that she would not be meeting again as I had not reached on time. My mind was spinning like a wheel. I was not sure what was happening since today morning.

I checked earlier whatsapp chat again. Oh God! What I have done. The message clearly states that meeting time was 4.00 which was one hour earlier. I cursed my stars.

Frustrated I sat there on the bench. I thought for about 10 minutes and finally I ringed my girlfriend. She was very angry. We argued for about half an hour but I succeeded in consoling her.

Thanks God! We had to meet next weekend.

But I made it a point to service my bike regularly to avoid such situation in future.

Arrival of ladies Johnie Walker

If you drink whisky, you know Johnie Walker brand. This is for sure.

Jane Walker, female version of Johnie Walker has arrived that will give boost to ladies participation in whisky pleasure and will push towards more gender equality.

A female icon will be displayed on the bottle and will carry name Jane walker.

Stephanie Jacoby, VP of Johnie Walker said “It is a really exciting opportunity to invite women into the brand.”

Other brands like KFC have also pioneered in this field by putting female face on a traditionally male mascot. KFC tapped country singer Reba McEntire in January this year as Colonel Sanders in the latest marketing campaign.

The launch is the latest part of “Keep Walking America” campaign which began in 2016. Scotch whisky volumes grew 2% during 2002-2017 whereas Johnie Walker grew 18% in 2017.

The female version will come for the first time in nearly 200 years history and will be launched in U.S. on 1st March.

Ladies-what are you waiting for? Get ready to join the club.

Offices now in Forest

Have you ever dreamt of working in the forest?

Now companies like Amazon, Samsung and Alibaba are building structures in such a way that you can walk from the office and reach forest in few minutes and work in the lap of nature.

Companies are resorting to state of the art designs at work place so that employees are more happy, give better productivity and can stay for longer hours to meet deadlines.

This trend is called Biophilia where the people tend to connect with the nature. We feel more at ease in the lap of nature than in the sterile office.

How will you feel if you have to stick inside the office without a minute to go out and get some fresh air? Definitely not very pleasant.

People generally prefer daylight and that too surrounded by plants rather than working in the dark.

Working in the open and natural environment will definitely reduce electricity and other overhead expenses and will be healthier for human beings.

There are many offices which are even looking for aviary.

So let’s see what lies ahead for your future office.

Snow is now safe to eat

Many of you must have seen snow and I am sure you must have played with it enjoying chilly weather.

Snow which was considered earlier unfit to eat is now safe if it is half day old as per Romanian university which published results of 2017 experiments done so far.

Moreover the snow is safer to eat in winter months.

One thing to note is snow is unfit to eat if it two days old as per Istvan Mathe, a professor at one of the Hungarian University.

Few chunks of snow was taken during winter season in central Romania and placed in sterilized containers. Bacteria were grown in this container in temperature ranging from -1 degree Celsius to -17.4 degrees Celsius. Fresh snow had few bacteria but 2 days old snow had many bacteria as microorganisms increase due to impurities in the air.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy with snow and play and eat it at the same time.

Asteroid coming close to Earth at 42 lakhs km

You must have heard about asteroids coming close to Earth and about to collide. Looks like a fairy tale.

But this is true.

February 4, 2018 which is less than a week from now will witness this when asteroid called “2002 AJ129” will zip past Earth at a speed of 1 lakh kmph and is designated potentially hazardous by NASA scientists.

This is potentially hazardous because the asteroid which is 1.1 Km wide will fly about 42 lakhs Km away from Earth which is considered very close in space terms.

To give an idea on this distance Moon is 3.84 lakhs km away from Earth.

In the early years of its formation asteroids had collided with Earth about 4 billion years ago that resulted in extinction of about 75% species of plants and animals including dinosaurs. This also resulted in climate change.

The proof of such a disaster is The Chicxulub crater located in Mexico’s Chicxulub town.

There are about 190 craters on Earth because of such disasters happened earlier.  Out of this 190 following countries have the maximum craters:

  • Canada-32
  • USA-28
  • Australia-27
  • Russia-19
  • Finland-11
  • Sweden-8
  • Brazil-7
  • Ukraine-7
  • Algeria-4
  • Estonia-4
  • Kazakhstan-4
  • South Africa- 4
  • Others-35

India has 2 craters one in The Lonar Lake in Buldhana district of Maharashtra and another one in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. These craters are believed to be 52,000 to 5, 70,000 years old and have a diameter of 11 kms.

Electric flights coming soon

Possibility of operating all flights on electricity is being explored and Norway will become the first county in the world to have all electric flights operating in domestic zone including other Scandinavian countries.

Norway has set Year 2040 as the deadline for all electric flights at least the domestic ones.

Chief executive Dag Falk-Peterson of Avinor, the public operator of Norwegian airports said “we think and wish to make all flights lasting up to 1.5 hours electric so that it becomes a solution and not a problem for the environment”.

This way the cost of operating flights will almost be halved resulting in nose diving of ticket price. People will travel more and will have more fun.

Norway is the largest oil and gas producer in Western Europe but is equally focused on transport sector and is a world leader in electric transport.

Falk-Peterson told the media that use of intermediary technologies, such as bio fuels and hybrid fuel would be a challenge. These challenges need to be addressed for making electric flights successful.

Your dear kidney exposed to dry cleaned clothes

You love dry cleaned clothes as it gives fresh looks, removes stains and body odour.

But chemical PERC (Perchloroethylene) used in dry cleaning is globally recognized as a health hazard and poses threat to the environment.

A recent survey of about 79 dry cleaning facilities in Delhi and Kolkata in India shows that none of the facilities were aware about the danger of PERC whereas International Agency for Research on Cancer claimed PERC being a carcinogen.

The survey found concentration of as low as 1.3mg/kg to as high as 101mg/kg and suggests that it is readily absorbed by inhalation, skin contact or ingestion.

International reports have demonstrated incidences of respiratory failure and deaths in extreme cases.

Multiple health hazards includes irritation of the nose and throat, depression of the central nervous system with symptoms such as drowsiness, dizziness, giddiness, headache, nausea, loss of concentration, confusion and unconsciousness resulting from short term inhalation of very high levels of tetrachloroethylene.

So next time think twice before getting your cloth dry cleaned and should be done only if no other alternative is available.

Wish you a very good health!


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Water Alligator


Have you ever seen aquatic plants that are sprawling grounds for Alligators?

These were spotted at the side of Salado river, a tributary of Paraguay River and is an off the beaten place that provides a hiding place for small Alligators.

These are giant round water lilies spanning over 1.5 meters (approx 5 feet) that was believed to be extinct about 12 years ago and have given a boost to tourism.

These wonderful plants which are a queen of water lilies are native to Paraguay which and appear every third or fourth southern hemisphere summer.

The scientific name of this plant is Victoria Cruziana. These are also called Alligator Lilies because they are large enough to hide small Alligator.

These lilies are very good in tea making as these fight asthma and bronchial issues and hence authorities have issued warnings to fine anyone who tries to harvest this plant.

OMG!Chilly weather dropping Iguanas from trees

Have you ever heard anyone falling from the tree because of chilly weather?

Iguanas are falling from the trees in USA due to chilled weather.

Iguana is a large arboreal tropical American lizard with a spiny crest along the back and greenish coloration which are found in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. These can even be found in Southern belt of USA.

Florida, a south eastern state of USA has become so chilled that Iguana is falling from the tree like overripe mangoes once it climbs it due to bad weather. Iguana is a cold blooded lizard but chill factor has forced Iguana to loosen its grip and fall on the surface.

These herbivorous creatures fall once the temperature nose dives to 10 degrees Celsius. Fellow reptiles-sea turtles also stiffen when the temperature drops.

Residents are advised not to come near Iguanas as they may feel threatened and may bite once they warm up.