What is your future beyond 2020?


Have you heard putting humans on Mars and computers in brains?

There will be mind blowing inventions and technology advancement in space and on planet that will have drastic impact on our daily life. I am presenting a list of projects coming and will shape our future:

  • Year 2020 will see launch of Tesla Roadster 2.0 with production capacity going to one million per year by 2020 itself. This roadster will jump to 0-100 kmph in only 1.9 seconds and will cover whopping 1000kms on a single charge. The purchasers will also have the option to make it stronger by getting additional features and horsepower added at the time of purchasing. You will get customized car instead of getting it customized after purchase.
  • Year 2021 will have completion of a Gigafactory in China around 2020 and will begin production by 2021. This is aligned with the protection of environment by having more focus on electric cars. Tesla will also put up 1000 superchargers to charge these cars at a very fast speed. Gigafactory will be based on clean energy concept and will confirm commitment to eliminating pollution.
  • Year 2022 will witness first planned cargo mission to Mars on revamped BFR (Big Falcon Rocket).This BFR is fully privately funded and reusable launch vehicle. This project will also bring down the cost of space travel.
  • Year 2024 will have the first crewed mission to the red planet. You will see city to city transport on the planet which will be very amazing. BFR developed earlier could also be used launch satellites and space telescopes or clean up space debris.
  • Year 2030 and beyond will have Neuralink a very interesting project where attempts will be made to merge human brain with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Brain has two layers- the limbic system which controls emotions, long term memory and behavior & second layer with the name cortex that handles complex thoughts, reasoning and long term planning. Neuralink will add third layer to complement these two layers.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for these projects and has been thinking how our life will be.

Bora Bora-The most beautiful destination on Earth

Bora Bora located in south pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia is a very beautiful island.

Bora Bora known for its breathtaking scuba diving is surrounded by sand fringed islets and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef. The island has a dormant volcano also with the name Mt Otemanu.

The island is famous for romantic holidays and many affluent newlywed couples spend time in this majestic island. This is the centre of the romantic Universe where luxury resorts and spas dot the island with overwater bungalows and fantastic ambience.

There are many excursions that include fishing, boating, Snorkeling, Dinner on the beach, Sunset cruise 4WD.

The inevitable love affair with this island will start the moment you land here.

Land of Wilderness

Here the temperature remains at freezing -40 degrees Celsius almost all year around!

Unless it is summer where temperature hardly reaches 25 degrees Celsius!

 During winter the sun does not rise making it land of the midnight sun as it is dark round the Clock!

In summers it is hardly dark as sun shines round the clock!

Can you image which part of the planet it is?

This is North West Territories, the largest Union Territory of Canada that spreads more than 1.3 Million Kilometer square.

There is a tree line cutting right across this Union Territory constituting one of the most striking wilderness in the world and you will love it if are adventure lover.

There are many attractions in this wild place that you will love to see

Nahanni National Park Reserve-This remote reserve is one of the treasures of northern Canada. Nahanni is also a beautiful lake flowing through stunning Canyon scenery of Mackenzie Mountains that may challenge you if you are a Canoeist. The South Nahanni River tumbles over Virginia Falls creating most impressive waterfalls in Canada.

Wood Buffalo National Park- This Park is one of the biggest parks in Canada. The park was created to protect endangered herds of wild buffaloes inhabiting this area.

Yellowknife- This is the capital of North West Territories that grew up in 1930 gold rush. The old habitation has been replaced making it a mix culture of wooden heritage buildings, arts and cultural institutions.

Great Bear Lake- This 240×400 Kilometer river remains frozen for almost 8 months and its shores are very rich in wildlife. You will find Grizzly bears in summer roaming around and pinewoods in the winters. It is especially famous for some of the world’ heaviest Trouts (a special kind of freshwater fish).

Ice Roads- if you have seen “Ice Road Truckers” in History channel, you will definitely know this. The shooting was done in North West Territories which is home of world’s largest ice road. These ice roads are built on top of packed snow and 3 feet of ice that adds 870 miles to the ice road connecting them to mines and remote communities.                  

Great Slave Lake- This is 600 meters deep making it the 6th largest lake in the continent of North America. It is frozen for about 8-9 months where you can see dog sledders racing on the frozen land but you will see lots of action in summers that include house boats, sailors, and anglers.

Dempster Highway- if you love to drive this 737 Kilometer long highway is the best place that passes through the rugged mountain peaks of the Tombstone Range, across the Arctic Circle and into Mackenzie River Delta before entering Inuvik. You can camp, fish, canoe and enjoy remote wilderness along this highway.

Inuvik-It is a modern settlement in the Arctic Circle and on the Mackenzie River built between 1955 & 1961. It replaced Aklavik as it was flood prone. Today Inuvik is the trading, administrative and supply centre for the Western Arctic and includes hospitals, schools and an Artfield. Tuktut Nogait National Park lying on east side of Inuvik was established in 1996 and boasts of some truly overwhelming arctic rock scenery with amazing canyons & Cliffs.

Northwest Passage- This is a link between Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean & Atlantic Ocean due to waterway access and became important after oil discovery. It is a historic place as it has evolved due to exploration and discovery by many people.

Floating Solar Panel

Floating Solar Panels are an array of panels that float on water which is generally artificial basin or lake. As a part of renewable energy market and an alternate source of energy solar panels have gained tremendous popularity since 2016 and increased market share.

These floating Solars do not take any land space but their space is limited in water bodies which are necessary for electric connections and grid connections.

While USA has been the first to demonstrate floating solar panels with first installation about 10 years in California, Japan has taken the lead with 56 out of 70 floating solar panels based in Japan.

Thailand becomes the first country to build largest floating solar panel to improve economy and to increase share in clean energy.

As the cost of land is increasing everywhere on this planet floating panels are increasingly becoming more in demand with reduced cost as water body is still not priced or very low priced.

The smallest floating panel has a capacity of 696KW and largest comes with a capacity of 40MW.

However it suffers from a major drawback that it needs sunlight to produce energy. With the advancement in technology this drawback may also be overcome.

Deadly Polar Bear

Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus) is a hypercarnivourous bear whose native place primarily lies in Arctic comprising mainly Canada, Norway, Greenland, Russia & USA. One of the most iconic and well loved species in the world, these are under serious threat and WWF has been making attempts since 1972 to save this species from human hunting. Human hunting other than Ice Melting has been one of the major and biggest sources of killing Polar Bears.

I will present some of the interesting facts that you may not know about Polar Bears.

  1. Male bears can weigh up to 10 times of human weight-Males can weigh up to 800 Kgs and are twice the size of female polar bear making them the largest land carnivore in the world.
  2. Strong smelling sense tracing prey up to a kilometer away- Polar bears can smell seals breathing beneath breathing holes in the ice. They wait patiently till the time seal comes out of the breathing holes to attack.
  3. Polar bears are not white but are actually jet black- Since the fur is translucent they reflect visible light making them look like white but beneath all the fur lies jet black skin.
  4. Hybrid of Polar Bear & Grizzly Bear exists- Interbreeding of polar bear and grizzly bear is surprising but was first noticed in 2006 in Canadian Arctic by scientists.
  5. Polar bear can swim for long hours and even days- Their special paws ability makes them swim for long distances and steadily for many hours to get from one piece of ice to another.
  6. Climate change is more threatening than human hunting- The oil and gas industry first looks into exploration of sea and water bodies making polar bears vulnerable to chemicals and poison. Even their prey gets infected with these toxins thus making one of the biggest challenges to the survival of polar bears.
  7. Only footprints of polar bear can confirm DNA – WWF and DNA specialist firm SPYGEN developed a mind blowing technique that can confirm DNA of the polar bear from only two scoops of snow on which polar bear walked.
  8. More than 98% hunts by polar bear are not successful- Half of a polar bear life is spent in hunting but their success rate is only less than 2%. They feed mainly on Seals but due to staggering high failure rate they also have to feed on scavenge carcasses or depend on small mammals, eggs, vegetation and birds.
  9. Polar Bears to decline by 30% by Year 2050- Polar bears rely heavily on sea ice to cover large areas in search of food. As the ice is melting due to human activities the hunting range for polar bears gets restricted and consequently limiting their feeding range. This is particularly impacting pregnant females who have to store fat in large quantities to nurse cubs.

What happened-You are now over 40


I always thought I would never be old at least at heart.

I generally never suffered from any chronic disease-Blood pressure, sugar, hyper tension etc.

I walked a lot in the morning and evenings making no point in having any ailment.

Though my eyes got irritated working all day on Laptop but I could not do anything. That is my bread and butter. That was my survival.

I would go to the eye specialist who would give me eye drops to keep eyes moist. I would be fine in a week.

But this time my vision sometimes seemed to be blurred and got itching all day. This continued for about 15 days.

I visited the eye specialist as I could not bear any more. Sometimes the procedure is very lengthy making you irritated (not your eyes). This is even lengthier when you are covered under corporate insurance.

I first had to visit general ward where basics are checked including eye sight. I was asked to read the alphabets in the mirror. There were 6 rows and I read in one go without stopping at any alphabet. All the 3 attendants’ laughed at one another.

Once all the alphabets were identified, one of the attendants asked, “Sir why have you come here?”

I was surprised. “Why? What happened?”

“Nothing Sir. You read all the 6 rows otherwise other patients hardly reach 5th row.”

I looked at them and smiled. I said, “My eye sight is fine but I have got itching and redness in my eyes. Can I see the doctor now?”

“Sure Sir.”

The doctor was a professor with medium built and fair complexion.

He inspected my eyes and did some testing. He said, “There are some rashes in your eyes due to working for long hours on laptop. I will give some eye drops. Take it for a month and visit me after a month.”

I was curious. I asked, “But why this has happened. I never suffered from eye rashes.”

He said, “You have now crossed fourty and this happens at this age.”

Arguing with Wife


Do you argue with wife?

I always told my wife,” Check each piece before you cook anything or even wash anything in water.”

She always replied, “You are too much. I know what to do. I have been cooking for years. Don’t teach me my dear husband.”

The last words “my dear husband” always melted me making me quiet.

It was Friday evening -the beginning of weekend. I came from office at about 8.30 and saw White Beans dipped in a large plastic glass. Anandi said, “See. I will prepare my favourite White Beans for us tomorrow morning.” I was happy. She was preparing something of her choice today. Otherwise she cooked of my choice.

She was working in kitchen when suddenly she said, “I saw worms in two pieces of White Beans.” I said, “Please check every piece if possible as we may end up eating theses worms.”

Anandi was furious. “What do you think? I am a fool. I do not know anything.”

There was no point in arguing.

It was Saturday morning and the sun was shining bright. Our breakfast was ready. Oats, bread and of course White Beans.

We enjoyed eating the breakfast. After a long time I had such a heavy breakfast. I finished my breakfast and was about to keep my plate and bowl in the kitchen sink.

Anandi said, “Oops, I saw worm in my White Beans. The other pieces may also have worm.”

We watched one another for some time. She did not eat White Beans.

At last she realised that sometimes it is fruitful if a husband argues with his wife.