India now has 2 super secret Islands

This is a secret mission of India that have compelled Pakistan and China to restrategize their foreign policies and most of the people in India are not aware about these.

This is about two very beautiful islands surrounded by blue skies.

Agalega Island (bought from Mauritius on lease) & Assumption Island (bought from Seychelles on lease) that only few people know but has created a terror within Government lobbies including China.

India Government had been thinking of creating military base at a location so that no one could dominate India under any circumstance.

Earlier Vajpayee government had thought of creating such a base but it remained a dream and files were kept closed for 10 years when the Government changed in 2004.

Now the same government again came into power in 2014 and started the process by clearing the files one of which is to establish military base in Indian Ocean.

USA gave 22 Guardian Drones to India so that India could supervise these two locations.

USA also did not want China to dominate Indian Ocean and hence is cooperating with India in getting these bases created.

These two islands had very little population but with the change in ownership all habitants have been moved to other islands and only Indian military can go there.

Agalega island lying about 1100 kilometers away from main island in Mauritius is 70 square kilometers and Assumption island lying on north of Madagascar is only 11 square kilometers.

The Indian government is building the required infrastructure on these inlands without disturbing the ecosystem and maintaining the beauty and resources.

Earlier the opposition party and China were openly critising Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for spending a lot on foreign travel. They were also making noise because they knew Mr. Modi was taking some drastic steps and he wanted that media should not be aware about this otherwise opposition will know all plans in advance and will try to stop this operation.

Building military base in these islands is posing threat to Pakistan and China as India’s influence will increase exponentially that China never wanted and had never assumed.

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi visited Mauritius and Seychelles immediately after coming to power in 2014 and informed Media that the travel was done to boost bilateral relations and to discourage black money. But very few people know that this travel was intended to purchase islands to have presence in Indian Ocean.

India imports crude oil from Gulf countries and it comes through pipelines located in Indian ocean which is located near points which is dominated by China and hence China could cut this supply immediately any time leaving Indian economy in shatters.

India already built airport on Agalega island and on Assumption Island it is creating the airport. In fact, Agalega island was taken from Mauritius immediately after visiting that country but Assumption island took time as opposition parties created ruckus and papers were finally signed in January 2018 resulting in delay in building airport and other necessary infrastructure.

India wanted to build base on these locations so that it could protect its ships and also could attack on supply provided to China. China could never assume that India would control such strategic locations.

China knew that India would know about this strategy and gave name “String of Pearls” wherein China would dominate India and parallelly leave America restless.

However Mr. Modi evaluated this and in reply created strategy by name of “String of Flowers”. Under this India acquired these 2 islands. With these 2 islands India is keeping surveillance on entire Indian Ocean leaving China terrified.

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