Flirting with a Girl! Her boyfriend comes

I was staying in Malacca which is now known as Melaka, a very beautiful city in Malaysia. I took a cab from my hotel to Melaka Botanical Garden.

I was thinking it would be a 15 minutes drive but turned out to be 40 minutes drive. It is always traffic jam in Melaka whenever it rains.

I reached Park at around 11.00 in the morning and looked out for ticket counter. There was no ticket but there were few Buggys that would take you inside the park so that you do not have to walk.

I enquired about the buggy but the driver was local person and didn’t know English. We tried to understand one another for about 10 minutes but all in vain.

I noticed a beautiful local girl sitting on a bench who was looking at me.  She asked me what I am looking for. I told her that I was looking for price and how much time it would take for buggy to start for the park.

She said, “Why don’t you walk. It is an hour walk at the maximum and moreover you will not enjoy in the buggy.”

I thought and agreed. She kept looking at me. This encouraged me to chat with her.

I asked, “Are you from Melaka.” She said, “Yes.”

I asked, “Do you work here.” She said, “Yes. I work in Maybank in the commercial department.”

I informed her, “My Company is looking for unsecured business loan. I am not sure if your company will be able to do this.”

“Sure. I will look into this.”

I was going the right track. “You stay with your parents? “


I further inquired. “Who else stay with you?”

She gave surprised look and replied, “What do you mean by who stays with me. I live with my friends.”

The moment she finished, her phone rang and within 5 seconds a man was standing just next to her.

She introduced him to me and said, “This is my boyfriend.”

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