What happened to my Watch?


My posting was done in Malaysia as I had to transition Malaysian process from India.

My office was in KL Sentral, the best commercial and tourist hub of Kuala Lumpur. It was 15 minutes walking distance from my accommodation to office.

I wore Casio wrist watch for about 2 weeks and I liked it very much. But today I wanted to wear another one. I took out my Fastrack watch from the upper chain of the luggage and checked the time.

It was supposed to be 5 in the evening and had to go out to meet my friend. We had decided to buy grocery together.

Fastrack was showing 2.30 PM. The watch was working absolutely fine when I kept it in India. What happened now?

I felt uneasy as it had been only 2 weeks in Malaysia and I didn’t have idea where the watch mechanic would be available?

I called my friend and asked if he knew anyone. He told me the availability of the mechanic but it was far from here.  I decided to go there next day.

I went out and bought the grocery with my friend. I was not stressed now and had forgotten the watch incident.

I reached home at about 6.15 and went to sleep as I was tired. I had a sweet dream but suddenly I woke up. I was feeling hungry. I checked the time. It was only 7.00.

My dinner time started at 8.00. I thought of lying down for some more time. I didn’t realize how much time I slept but I was feeling fresh when I woke up.

It was 9.00 in the watch. Oops! I was hungry and was already late by an hour. I got ready and went out for dinner.

Outside it was colder than other days and roads were isolated. I could not understand what had happened.

One man was passing by and I asked the reason. He said, “You will not get anything in this area. It is already 11.30 in the night.”

I was shocked and kept on thinking what was happening today?

After some time I realized my Fastrack watch was showing Indian time.

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