Toilet Soap disappears

It was 9’O clock on this lazy morning. I woke up and got ready to have my breakfast. I locked the apartment and went out in the nearby restaurant.

I had recently shifted to another block of the same Condominium and hence it was necessary to lock the apartment though the security was good.

The condo was very expensive and the tenants used to sublet the rooms to individuals to recover some money payable for rent. I was also sublet one of the room which was good and very clean and had all amenities.  Joseph, the tenant who sublet room was a very kind and down to earth person.

After about half an hour I came back and unlocked the door. I kept my belongings in my room and went out to the washroom.

I was about to switch on the light but saw the light was already on. I wondered how the light can be on because I check twice after using the bathroom and make sure that the light is off. Anyways I used the toilet and turned to the sink to wash my hands.

NOW the hand soap was not there.

I was shocked. My mind raced and many thoughts came to my mind.  Did someone come in my absence and used the bathroom. But how it could be possible? Why will anyone come just to use the bathroom? Joseph was not there when I had gone for my breakfast and now also he was not at home.

I took out the liquid soap that I had kept to use in emergency. This situation became one of the emergencies.

I came into my room and kept on thinking what was going on here. Was it some evil spirit?

I messaged Joseph and informed him that some strange thing had happened.

He came about an hour later and asked what had happened? I explained him the situation.

He thought for some time and then said, “One of my friends had come last night and stayed here. May be he must have left the light on and taken the soap accidently with him.”

I looked at him for some time and felt relieved.


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