What happened-You are now over 40


I always thought I would never be old at least at heart.

I generally never suffered from any chronic disease-Blood pressure, sugar, hyper tension etc.

I walked a lot in the morning and evenings making no point in having any ailment.

Though my eyes got irritated working all day on Laptop but I could not do anything. That is my bread and butter. That was my survival.

I would go to the eye specialist who would give me eye drops to keep eyes moist. I would be fine in a week.

But this time my vision sometimes seemed to be blurred and got itching all day. This continued for about 15 days.

I visited the eye specialist as I could not bear any more. Sometimes the procedure is very lengthy making you irritated (not your eyes). This is even lengthier when you are covered under corporate insurance.

I first had to visit general ward where basics are checked including eye sight. I was asked to read the alphabets in the mirror. There were 6 rows and I read in one go without stopping at any alphabet. All the 3 attendants’ laughed at one another.

Once all the alphabets were identified, one of the attendants asked, “Sir why have you come here?”

I was surprised. “Why? What happened?”

“Nothing Sir. You read all the 6 rows otherwise other patients hardly reach 5th row.”

I looked at them and smiled. I said, “My eye sight is fine but I have got itching and redness in my eyes. Can I see the doctor now?”

“Sure Sir.”

The doctor was a professor with medium built and fair complexion.

He inspected my eyes and did some testing. He said, “There are some rashes in your eyes due to working for long hours on laptop. I will give some eye drops. Take it for a month and visit me after a month.”

I was curious. I asked, “But why this has happened. I never suffered from eye rashes.”

He said, “You have now crossed fourty and this happens at this age.”

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