Arguing with Wife

Do you argue with wife?

I always told my wife,” Check each piece before you cook anything or even wash anything in water.”

She always replied, “You are too much. I know what to do. I have been cooking for years. Don’t teach me my dear husband.”

The last words “my dear husband” always melted me making me quiet.

It was Friday evening -the beginning of weekend. I came from office at about 8.30 and saw White Beans dipped in a large plastic glass. Anandi said, “See. I will prepare my favourite White Beans for us tomorrow morning.” I was happy. She was preparing something of her choice today. Otherwise she cooked of my choice.

She was working in kitchen when suddenly she said, “I saw worms in two pieces of White Beans.” I said, “Please check every piece if possible as we may end up eating theses worms.”

Anandi was furious. “What do you think? I am a fool. I do not know anything.”

There was no point in arguing.

It was Saturday morning and the sun was shining bright. Our breakfast was ready. Oats, bread and of course White Beans.

We enjoyed eating the breakfast. After a long time I had such a heavy breakfast. I finished my breakfast and was about to keep my plate and bowl in the kitchen sink.

Anandi said, “Oops, I saw worm in my White Beans. The other pieces may also have worm.”

We watched one another for some time. She did not eat White Beans.

At last she realised that sometimes it is fruitful if a husband argues with his wife.

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