Station lost in wild dream!

Smile crosses my face whenever I think about it!

I reached Ghorapur in about 4 hours as roads are bumpy in some places. Otherwise Delhi to Ghorapur generally takes not more than 3 hours. We all wanted to see our family friend as we had not met for last 4 years.

We rested for some time and had good breakfast.

I checked my mobile. The call was from Dev, one of my best friends. He was influential and had strong contacts. I had not informed him about my visit as we had to leave next day and wanted some time to relax with my family. This was also a holiday time.

I met my friend Dev. Had some snacks at a very good restaurant and then decided to travel to next station by train. We were fond of travelling by train whenever we met even if it was going to just next station.

We took train and reached next station Bindaspur.

There was something in the atmosphere here. There was silence everywhere, with aroma of exotic flowers present everywhere. People were walking and few were travelling by local train. The place was not prosperous in terms of infrastructure and attire of locals was not very good. But almost everyone had a gold chain around neck.

My friend and I felt strange. We decided to have lunch. The food stall was in shabby condition but when we started eating we felt satisfaction that we never felt before. We ordered 3 chapattis each but our stomach was full in just 1 chapatti each.

We asked vendor, “Bhaiyya what is the secret of this taste? What have you included in the Atta?

He smiled but did not say anything. We quietly finished whatever we had in our plates and left that point.

We started exploring the place but after 10 minutes we were feeling like sitting somewhere may be on a bench. We looked for bench.

But there was no bench. We felt sick and thought of going back.

We reached railway platform. The train was about to come in next 10 minutes and that was the only train to go anywhere from this place.

What was the name of station we had to go? Dev and I stressed our brains but couldn’t recall the name.

This was strange.

We took ticket for next station and boarded the train. The train was good looking but was clumsy inside with no interior. Surprisingly people sitting inside belonged to very affluent families with gold ornaments worn by everyone.

We settled soon. The train halted at next station and then at 3 other stations but we did not get down. We were unable to think.

I looked at my friend and reached driver’s coach to enquire about the station we wanted to get down at.

OMG! What is this?

The driver coach was packed with people all over. The driver was seating on his seat but on the top of a woman who was carrying child in her left arm. The driver was very cautiously steering the train and checking regularly if the track was clear.

Our brains were dead.  What should be done next? We had to deboard the train at next station if we had to survive.

10 minutes later the station came and train halted. We did not think twice and immediately deboarded the train.

We both felt dizziness. Our senses returned in about 5 minutes and we were alert. We thanked God.

We started walking to explore what was there in the surroundings and also how we could reach Ghorapur.

We walked for about 18 minutes and were taken aback.

My family was waiting for us with both hands opened towards us as if everyone was waiting to hug us.

We were in Ghorapur and everyone had tears in eyes and finally everyone was happy.


I got a tight jerk and opened my eyes. My wife had 2 cups of bed tea.

I couldn’t believe what I saw and still think about it whenever I travel out of city.