It was a cold Sunday. I had to go out to buy grocery at a nearby shop.

I got ready after having nice shower and light breakfast. I get ready by 9.00 but it was a weekend. It was going to be 12.00 in the noon. I wore crisp pink shirt with blue denim jeans and sleeveless green sweater.

I was about to go out when my wife asked where I was going and when I will be back.

I knew I would not be able to go out now and will not buy grocery today. I will have to wait till next weekend.

I told her I would be coming in next half an hour but she said she would also be going after lunch.

That would be another 2 hours. Lunch was getting ready. It was already 1.30. We had our lunch and I thought of having fruit juice from my favourite juice corner.

I asked her if we could go out. She wanted to sleep now.

I knew this would happen.

Evening 6.00 P.M.

My wife got a call from my in-laws. Got invitation to visit them.

I asked if we could go out now. She became irritated and said do you have any other task other than asking for going out.

I knew this would happen.

We went to her home and had dinner. We chatted for about an hour.

It was time to say bye and head for our home.

My wife requested if we could stay for tonight.

What could I do?

It was a good weekend as we spent time together but could not buy basic groceries.

I was determined that in future I will not tell my wife about my plans and will plan sometime for me.

At least I will feel satisfied.


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