Hyperloop transportation

How much time does it take to travel from Mumbai to Pune? Three hours by train.

Image if this time is cut to 25 minutes.

Yes, this is possible now with the help of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

Hyperloop is a concept where a pod like vehicle travels through a near vacuum that is contained within a tube.

This technology uses less energy than conventional methods and can touch speed of 1200 Km per hour even when not running on full steam.

Bipop Gresta, chairman and COO of Hyperloop transportation technologies had met with Union minister of Transport Nitin Gadkari and made a proposal for land for pilot project. Bipop did not ask for money but for land so that project can be set up as public private partnership (PPP).

“We tested our motor in May 2016, and will test the full system in early 2017. We’re developing routes in five countries. The goal is to be moving cargo by 2020 and passengers by 2021”. This statement was given by Hyperloop.

It is being heralded as the future of high-speed passenger and freight transportation the world over, with futurists such as Elon Musk backing the concept.

Unlike traditional high-speed rail networks that need vast stretches of land for arrow-straight tracks, Hyperloops can be built alongside highways.

We’re not selling transportation, we’re selling time,’ says the company’s Web site.

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