Metro life

Morning time. Everybody is getting ready for office.

I have to leave home in next 5 minutes but it does not seem so. I have to take bath and eat my breakfast.

It’s 9.30. I went inside bathroom and came out in 4 minutes. It was a record. I never came out in less than 10 minutes. I ate my breakfast in another 5 minutes.

It was already 9.42 and I was late by 7 minutes. I took my office bag and rushed out. My friend Sanjay had to go to Azadpur and was waiting outside in Honda City. He was about to honk horn but saw me coming and smiled.

We started and the car zoomed to 80Kmph speed. Badli Metro station was about 5 minutes drive. Metro originates from here so one gets seat for long journey to Gurgaon.

We missed the right cut towards Badli metro station and reached GT Karnal road. Sanjay took left turn towards Azadpur and we finally reached the metro station. I said bye and got out of the car and headed towards stairs for the platform.

I reached the platform and waited for the metro to come. There were few people there and cold wind was blowing. I was wearing wind cheater and hence did not feel the pinch.

Metro came and we all came closer to the edge of the platform to board DMRC metro. Gates opened but I felt heavy.

All seats were occupied and it was a 1.15 hours journey from Badli metro station to Gurgaon.

But why the seats were occupied if the metro originates from this station. Was it because people on the other side of platform were standing and boarding metro?  They got seat as the metro went  some distance towards right and then came back at the platform.

I looked at the route map. This was the 3rd metro station. Samaypur badly was the 1st metro station followed by Rohini sector 18 and then Haiderpur Badli mor station.

Now I realized that I had missed the 1st metro station in a rush to reach office. Both 1st and 3rd stations had “Badli” word and hence this confusion. I did not get seat and my legs were paining.

Finally I felt relaxed in the night and next morning I was perfect.

It is always better to check the station and route before boarding metro in haste.

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