You have to decide-1

Prabhu Dayal, the sweeper was smoking in the hospital store room. Suddenly Sheetal, the nurse came into the room and was annoyed to see him smoking.

He was frightened to see her.

Sheetal said, “Prabhu I am going to report this to higher authorities. You repeatedly make mistakes and there is no choice.”

Sorry madam, I will not do this again.

But Sheetal was adamant. Prabhu cried and took out Rs 100 note and handed it to Sheetal. Sheetal saw him for few seconds and then left the room.

As soon as Sheetal crossed the corridor, she saw Dr Kishore quietly entering the room where he saw patients.

The moment Kishore saw the nurse, he froze. Sheetal came near him and asked why he came late.

Kishore said, “I was struck in the traffic. But I want to say one thing .Sometimes God can spare me but I cannot be spared from your eyes.”

Sheetal smiled and asked, “why you repeatedly come late. Poor patients have to wait for long time before they get treated.”

Dr kishore took out wallet from his left hip pocket and handed Rs 500 note to the nurse.


Sheetal was from poor family and had been serving the hospital for last 10 years. She had seen many ups and downs in her life.

She left the hospital at about 4 in the evening and went in the direction of her little cottage which was a walking distance from the hospital.

Many children were playing in the open ground outside her cottage. They saw her coming and surrounded her, “hello madam, where are our gifts.”

She took out some gifts that she bought and handed over to the children who were very happy to receive gifts. Suddenly Sheetal remembered and asked, “Bhanu, how is your mother now.”

Bhanu was happy. He said, “Mummy is much better now as the medicine you gave yesterday was very effective.”


Next day Sheetal came out of the ICU unit and went outside. Michael was inside the ICU and saw her taking note from one of the staff.

He came out and said, “Nurse, my father is in ICU and is about to die. This is the insurance policy for Rs 50 lakhs.” Sheetal asked, “why are you telling me this. What should I do with this?”

Michael informed her that his father had been ill for last many years and was not improving. He had 3 sisters who had to be married and old mother who was ill.

Nurse became furious and said, “I save human lives and I cannot be murderer.”

Michael convinced her, “I can understand what is going on in your mind. But I do not earn well and have so many liabilities. It will be good if you could end my father’s life so that he doesn’t suffer every day. Ending his life by removing ventilator will make other 4 people’s lives better.”

Michael left the hospital and was thinking what action will be taken by the nurse.

Sheetal was confused. She had not ended any life before. But ending one life will improve life of 4 people.

Sometimes we come across such situation where we cannot decide as one decision can change our life.

If this happens with you what would you have done?


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