Now no more smelly linen in public-Thanks to New Hanger

If anyone crosses you and leaves a disgusting smell, how you will feel?

Obviously disgusted.

Yes, you wear linen and then hang in your wardrobe without washing it leaving smelly air in the surroundings.

Panasonic that has been associated with electronics including TV, camera, Smartphone etc has come with new a product-Hanger.

The system requires a power source and is equipped with a unique cable that is plugged into a wall socket, but the device also includes pack for batteries in case users are without an electrical socket.

This hanger uses a deodorant and has a high voltage charge to create nanoscopic water particles, resulting in greater moisture collection without harming a garment’s fabric.

This deodorant hanger reduces odour intensity within 5 hours and it works well to eliminate the smells of smoke, sweat and grilled meats.

This hanger will be launched in Japan for 20,000 Yen (about USD 180). Its release outside Japan has not been confirmed officially.

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