Love scene-caught red handed by wife

It was Friday afternoon. I was in the office. Working on reconciliations. The clock showed 1.30 PM.

Got a call from a bank for credit card. There was a girl whose sweet voice attracted me.

She started conversation. “Hi Sir. I am Nisha and we are offering credit card which is life time free and you do not have to pay any charges”.

I asked “what is life time. Every product has a life of 3-5 years and cannot be life time free”.

She said “Sir please take this card as it has a very high limit of credit and you do not have to pay any charges”.

“Madam I do not use card as I have to pay bill later on and may face problem if I do not have sufficient bank balance. So I always use hard cash available in my pocket”.

“You work in a very good company and earn handsome package. Then why you are thinking about a card”.

“I currently cannot think about a card. I think only about a girl as I am finding any girl and need a girl who can be my life partner. If you know someone please let me know. Once I get a girl, I will take your credit card-not one but two”.

She laughed and said “do not worry you will get a beautiful girl very soon”.

I asked “Are you single or married”.

Sir I am single.

That’s great. So you are single and ready to mingle. Will you work in my organization?

No sir. I just now completed graduation and am doing in Dieting.

That’s good. You take care of your health and of all people around you.

She laughed.

I asked “I am forgetting your name. What is your name?”

Sir I am Pooja.

I was surprised.

I said “But it seems there was another girl in the beginning. How the girl could be changed in the same call with same voice”.

She said “Sir you are innocent. You could not know that the call was handed over to another girl without getting any hint of it”.

Ok. So where do you stay.

I stay in Delhi.

Very funny. Delhi is very big. Where exactly do you stay?

Ghitorni metro station.

You live in Ghitorni metro station.

Again she laughed. Sir there is a way out of the Metro station and I live somewhere near the metro station

I enquired. Now let me know the address also.

Sir. I will tell you but first tell me when I can call you again to confirm for credit card.

I am busy all day in the office and will be free in the evening.

She said Ok and we disconnected the call.

I was busy all day and got time to see my mobile again in the evening.

I checked whats app.

There was a message. Hi sir Pooja.

My heart raced and I replied. I was busy and could not connect in the office.

Next day I got reply. No problem. Can we meet today?

I was ready for this. I said. Sure.

We met at Ghitorni metro station. She was slim and beautiful and was wearing white shirt with blue denim.

We met and said hi to one another. We ate burgers and chatted for about 1 hour. She got a call from home and had to leave immediately.

We started talking to one another on phone next day onwards and next weekend we again met at Kashmere Gate metro station.

This time my heart raced fast and thought of doing some flirting. She was also ready.

We got down and walked towards right where no one goes. We started kissing one another and continued for 5 minutes.

Someone called me and patted on my shoulder. I shuddered. I saw the person and my face reddened.

She was my wife.

I did not understand what to do and I saw stars moving around in the day.

My wife shouted. So this is what you had to do and that’s why you left early in the morning.

I mustered courage and asked what you are doing here.

She told me she had to go to Connaught Place for shopping and had informed me yesterday but I was busy in this mushy affair and was not interested in going with me. So she wanted to have fun and took the next metro after I boarded the metro and followed me.

My wife shouted “I just wanted to have fun and had not expected that you will be involved in this extramarital affair.

Pooja who was watching all this left immediately without looking back.

I felt ashamed and started pacifying my wife. “I am sorry darling for all this and will not do it again”.

It took an hour to convince her and finally she was pacified.


Message of the story- do not involve in extramarital affair. Always get involved with one girl at a time-either your wife or your girlfriend.



Bermuda Triangle-Mystery in deep Ocean

Bermuda Triangle.

There are many things associated with this. But one thing never escapes our mind which is vanishing of ships and aircrafts once it enters Bermuda Triangle.

This lies in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists believe that this happens due to very strong electromagnetic waves that forces ships and aircraft beneath the sea and pulls it down very deep onto the surface of the ocean. Even signals are lost in this process and hence no strong evidence has come till now even though scientists across globe are doing research on this.

One more thing- Believe it or not. The Bermuda Triangle had been described earlier in Rig Veda & Atharva Veda also.

Want to tune in to the world’s radio stations

A new online application has come that broadcasts radio stations from all countries in the world.

I am sure you will love this application.

You can listen from Merlin in UK, Samba in the Caribbean Islands, Michael Jackson in Canada, Arabic tunes in Dubai to anything from any of the county on this Planet.

It is a communication between humans from across the borders.

Radio.Garden is an interactive application that presents different locations across globe in tiny green dots that can be tuned into at the click of a button. Some of the stations may presently be not tuned due to disturbance in the airwaves but will be available in the near future.

The interactive was created by Amsterdam-based design companies Studio Puckey and Moniker, which were approached by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to develop an installation for a research project about radio called Transnational Radio Encounters, which focuses on radio that crosses linguistic and geographical barriers.

Currently there are 8000 stations and new stations are being added every day. Any company wishing to feature its station is invited to get in touch and get their station registered.

VTOL-Future planes

Have you heard Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) technology?

This is the future of planes, helicopters and fighter jets that can land and take off vertically. This is just like standing and sitting on a fixed place.

This is especially useful where runways are not very long or where airports and helipads are built in hilly areas like Hong Kong, Bhutan and few other countries. There is very little space in these areas and planes have to hover in the sky for a long time before final take off.

Few planes who successfully tested VTOL include Lockheed Martin F-35B, Elytron 2S and few flights by NASA.

Few benefits include:

  • Can take off and land vertically, as a helicopter would, without any support equipment such as a catapult launch or capture nets
  • High aspect ratio wings result in 24 hour endurance which is unmatched in the industry
  • Longer flights than a helicopter and can land in an either horizontal or vertical flight configuration

This technology has many potential applications that include the following:

Military applications such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

Commercial applications where extended mission UAV capabilities are beneficial, including law enforcement, firefighting, crop surveys, pipeline surveys, or oil field management

People with extremely deep pockets will also use this instead of cars and this may become reality somewhere around Year 2030.

Elon Musk, pioneer in technology (that includes Hyperloop) has plans of inventing VTOL electric planes that will use electricity instead of fuel.


Now Planes can Land on Circular Runways

Planes have to wait for long time before landing at airports in case the runway is not free or another flight has to land. The flight is in queue wasting lot of energy, fuel and time and making noise pollution.

Now the concept of circular runways is underway where planes can land at any point reducing wastage of time, efforts and fuel and will also reduce noise pollution and frustration.

This will be done keeping in mind the wind direction.

This concept will become reality only Dutch scientist Henk Hesselink and his team at the Netherland Aerospace Centre succeeds in their experiment.

This will be a 360 Degrees airport and will have greener environment.



Team Indus plans Beer on Moon

Bangalore based Team Indus is working on cracking recipe for growing beer on Moon.

Earlier this week a question was asked in Parliament if Government has any plans of growing beer on Moon.

The government has refused any such plan in parliament. However Team Indus is experimenting on brewing beer on Moon using Yeast.

The purpose is to brew a small batch of beer to test the survivability of yeast in space and see how it performs in Moon’s gravity.

Team Indus is competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE of building a robot capable of soft landing on Moon.


Yogi Adityanath- New Face of Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath, the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is the new ambassador of Hindu mass.

He was born on 5th Jun 1972 as Ajay Singh Bisht into Garhwali Rajput family. At the age of 21 he renounced his family and became a disciple of Mahant Avaidyanath. He is from a Hindu Priest family and he became priest after his father died.

A firebrand among people within days of becoming UP CM, people are following him more than Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

He went to Hazratganj Police Station in Lucknow today and asked all policemen to follow strict time schedule from top to bottom officials in hierarchy.

He himself cleaned police station today and has asked officials to get all police stations clean at least once a week.

No major candidate was available in UP from BJP side. Campaigning was done in the name of Mr. Modi who then had to choose suitable candidate so that rivalry does not arise in the state. It was also not possible for Mr. Modi to resign from Prime Ministership and become head of the state.

Finally Yogi Adityanath was selected as chief minister as he was both popular and senior.

If Yogi maintains this pace he would surpass Mr. Modi and may become next Prime Minister of India.

Beer on Mars

Want to enjoy beer on Mars. Yes, it will be possible soon as Budweiser, leading brewery company in USA has chalked out plan to grow and consume beer on Mars, a planet which is further away from Sun as compared to Earth.

The beer company is bubbling over with hopes to make a microgravity brew that can be consumed on the Red Planet.

However there are challenges in this. There is 100 times less gravitational force on Mars as compared to Earth making it difficult to sip liquid on Mars. The bubbles in carbonated drink will not rise and hence soap like foam will form in the mouth.

In microgravity atmosphere a person is not able to taste due to swollen tongue and hence will not be able to distinguish between varieties of liquids.

Mars has more saline water which is similar to Ocean water on Earth and this will make taste bitter.

Temperature on Mars fluctuates from 21 degrees Celsius in day to -71 degrees Celsius at night in summers but bear is ideally kept at 4 degrees Celsius.

Hope for the best.



Big 5-Arthur Anderson is Alive-after 16 yrs

Arthur Anderson- you must have heard this name especially if you are in Accounting and Finance Domain.

The firm was one of the Big 5 accounting and audit firms along with PWC, EY, KPMG & Deloitte but filed for bankruptcy after Enron scandal in 2001.

The firm is coming back after about 16 years and will have offices in 16 countries across 5 continents including India. The firm has plans for opening offices in Canada & China soon.

Newspapers in US and across the globe had headlines ” Arthur Andersen’s Fall From Grace Is a Sad Tale of Greed and Miscues”  after Arthur Anderson was found of financial fraud on Energy giant Enron.

On Mar 01, 2017 headline in Mumbai read Back to Business-Arthur Anderson (AA). The headline was posted on LinkedIn by Stephane Laffont-Reveilhac, who is the Paris-based global managing partner of the reconstituted professional services entity, Arthur Andersen.

The firm is already in talks with 2 Indian firms and is expected to be operational by May2017. It will pose a challenge to Big 4 firms who had absorbed its business. Currently combined revenue of Big 4 is pegged at 10000 Crores. There are around 1,200 partners in Big 4 and earn approx 1 Crore each annually.

Once it is operational, ex Arthur Anderson employees from Big 4 are expected to Join AA.


Lipstick Under My Burkha-Bold film on feminism

Lipstick Under My Burkha.

This is the name of a new Bollywood film which is lady oriented and has lots of abusive words.

The film has again come under controversy from Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

According to Pahlaj Nihalani, chief of CBFC the board is not against title of the film or the theme of the film but the content of the film is not good for society as board also strives to maintain culture of the society.

Let’s see what lies ahead for this film!