Floating Solar Panel

Floating Solar Panels are an array of panels that float on water which is generally artificial basin or lake. As a part of renewable energy market and an alternate source of energy solar panels have gained tremendous popularity since 2016 and increased market share.

These floating Solars do not take any land space but their space is limited in water bodies which are necessary for electric connections and grid connections.

While USA has been the first to demonstrate floating solar panels with first installation about 10 years in California, Japan has taken the lead with 56 out of 70 floating solar panels based in Japan.

Thailand becomes the first country to build largest floating solar panel to improve economy and to increase share in clean energy.

As the cost of land is increasing everywhere on this planet floating panels are increasingly becoming more in demand with reduced cost as water body is still not priced or very low priced.

The smallest floating panel has a capacity of 696KW and largest comes with a capacity of 40MW.

However it suffers from a major drawback that it needs sunlight to produce energy. With the advancement in technology this drawback may also be overcome.

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