Sunfish bigger than a hot tube gets lost

A very mysterious fish that should have been in southern hemisphere of earth and eluded scientists for decades has been found thousands of miles away in California.

The fish is so mysterious that scientists call it “hoodwinker”. The 7 feet long fish is also the heaviest bony fish in the world.

The fish normally found in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile was found for the first time on Santa beach in Santa Barbara County in California State on Feb 19, 2019 as per researchers in university of California, Santa Barbara.

The scientist took many days to identity the creature as it is not found in northern hemisphere.

Upon seeing the Facebook post, Thomas turner, an associate professor in US Santa Barbara’s Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology department  rushed to the beach to get the first hand view of this mysterious fish. Turner’s post on social media caught attention of scientists all over the world.

We will get updates as and when scientists come with new thesis on this fish.

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