Robots invade Mars in the name of Research

Moroccan desert near Morocco-Algeria Border served as a testing site for 3 rovers and about 40 engineers in the first phase of Strategic Research Cluster on Space Robotics which is a project funded by the European Union’ Horizon 2020 program.

Engineers tested the rovers automated navigation systems in Sahara Desert spanning over 2 weeks in a project coordinated by PERASPERA, a partnership of space agencies from Europe, including Italy, France, Germany, Spain & UK.

The tests represent the efforts of 4 years on the international R&D programme which is coordinated by ESA and five national agencies (CNES, ASI, DLR, CDTI & UKSA) and a cluster of industries.

This project will see the beginning of Orbital Robotics and a huge investment but the world will see a change in the near future.

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