Court haunted by a Dead Lawyer

Karkardooma Court in New Delhi, India was witnessed by sudden switching on of the computers. This incident relates to year 2014 when the CCTV footage revealed that there was no one inside the computer room of the library but still the computers were switched on of their own.

Following this incident many lawyers in D block where this incident happened have either stopped coming here or do not enter the premises after 5’O clock.

Even though the court officials deny these incidents but still the last incident reported in Jul 2017 through CCTV shook everyone. The camera inside the library captured the place getting filled with water bubbles that came from nowhere.

Over the years several janitors have quit the building.

Another incident was highlighted when few members of the janitor team went on 5th floor to clean washroom and some force lifted them and threw them on the floor. A worker told, “At times when there is nobody in the washroom, any one of the flushes would start of its own and then stop.

There are several theories behind this but this one is the most interesting one. The belief is that one of the lawyers who had his office in D Block had been drowned in Kedarnath floods of 2012. People believe that it is his spirit that causes chaos in the washroom and the library.

When the paranormal investigators photographed the area, a photo had the apparition that exactly matched with that of the dead lawyer.

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