Smoking without Smoke

Have you ever heard of IQOS. It is I Quit Ordinary Smoking.

This is a new way of tobacco companies encouraging smokers to smoke without being noticed by regulatory authorities across the globe.

Philip Morris International (PMI) recently introduced heat sticks which is a heat not burn device popularly known as “Heets.” It resembles a white board marker and roasts tobacco resulting in emission of dry vapour for the inhalation of its user, minus the exhalation of a cloud of smoke on each puff.

Unlike the conventional cigarettes the heat stick produces light bursts of dry vapour that dissipates within seconds.

Since its inception last year it is picking up markets across the world very fast. This is considered as a “lesser evil” of tobacco consumption as it reduces passive smoking.

In Japan alone PMI has planned to increase manufacturing from 15 billion units to 100 billion units by year end as per Post article.

Though heat stick is considered safer American activists and health officials have raised concern as it is lesser evil but still it has health hazards. In fact they mentioned this substituting one harmful product for another.

Whether is it safe or not is yet to be debated as there is no discussion going on in any parliament and the lawmakers are silent adopting wait and see approach.



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