Angry Djinns slap at Jamali Kamali

I do not believe much in ghosts and spirits but equally do not negate their existence.

There are stories and believes that Jamali Kamali Tomb in Mehrauli Archaeological Park is contributing to ‘Bhooton ki Dilli’.

Jamali was the alias of Shaikh Jamali Kamboh, a Sufi saint from the pre-mughal era. Kamali was an unknown person associated with Jamali. The tomb was named as Jamali Kamali as both were buried next to one another.

When some DU students came to explore the park they didn’t feel any negative vibe though they also heard stories from the locals passing by. The student later on told, “We may not have felt as we came in group. But I could sense that something unusual is there.”

The joggers and regulars also told me that they don’t believe in ghosts or in any spooky tale.

A government employee told us, “When my brother came to Delhi, he used to come with me for jogging every day. But one day, he came alone and when he was crossing Jamali Kamali, he felt a pat on his back. Next day onwards he stopped coming to the park.”

“I’m not sure if it was a spirit or his mind was assuming things.”

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