Same person or four brothers?

I reached KTM Skypark Line and enquired about the timing and fare of the train. The man was tall and handsome with medium built and white uniform. He said, “The train will leave at 6.00 PM which is about 45 minutes from now.”

I said, “OK.”

I am very fond of travelling and exploring new places though it requires extensive walking and needs extra energy.

I went to another KTM counter and enquired about the timings and fare of local train.

We have 2 KTM’s in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia. One is the local train covering stations within KL. Another KTM is intercity that covers stations outside KL and connects whole of Malaysia. The Skypark Line is in fact part of KTM and hence the city has 3 branches of KTM.

The guy at the counter told me that the intercity KTM runs from this platform and people sitting outside are waiting for this KTM only. “Which station do you want to go?” One of the guys asked.

“I do not want to go but enquiring for future”. The man nodded. The man sitting on other side was laughing. I looked at him. He was the same guy whom I met earlier to enquire about Skypark line. The guy being KTM employee must have come here.

After about 15 minutes I reached the spot where people were waiting for Skypark Line. I sat on the front bench and waited for the train to come. Three white uniformed guys behind the helpdesk were playing video game on their mobile. I had nothing to do. I started looking in all directions and finally saw all three guys who were talking loudly and playing games.

What was that?  Again one of them playing video game was the same man. Was I dreaming?

After some time the guy went out. I reached the helpdesk and asked if this guy goes on every counter of KTM. The 2 men sitting there informed that he had been sitting here for last half an hour.

I was confused. There cannot be three men with the same face and physique.

The train arrived and I sat in the train. The train had arrived at 5.55 and had to depart at 6.05.

The train was spacious and very few people were seated in the train. About 5 minutes later one uniformed man came into the cabin and left for the last cabin as he was responsible for blowing whistle to get the train started. The man turned towards me for a second but the time was sufficient for me to recognize the person.

He was the same person.



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