Amazon tribe captured by Drone first time in history

A new video footage has spotted tribal people not known earlier as they had no contact with the outside world.

This tribe locally known as man in the hole because of habit of digging protective pits has been spotted in the indigenous territory Vale do Javeri in the Brazilian Amazon forest bordering Peru.

The video released by the National Indian Foundation, a government agency popularly known as Funai shows signs of clearing of felled trees and figures walking through it with one of them carrying a spear  or a pole. The agency also captured photos including images of canoes made of hollowed palm tree trunks and an axe tied to a stone blade along with an aerial view of a thatched hut.

The agency said that its team members had travelled more than 110 miles in boats, trucks and motorcycles and about 75 miles on foot in dense forest.

The team accompanies by the cops caught group of people indulging in illegal encroaching of the land that was reserved for indigenous people.

Last month Funai had released another video that shows signs of another tribal man travelling in another part of Brazil.

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