Where is the Park?


It was Saturday and I had planned to visit Titiwangsa Lake Garden Park. It was nearly 9 stations from my accommodation on monorail, the only monorail operational in Malaysia.

I was very fond of travelling and exploring new places. My initial stay in hotel when I moved to Malaysia had a very interesting travel guide and had this titiwangsa as one of the favourite hot spots for tourists.

After lunch I set out for Titiwangsa and was very excited as I had keen interest in natural parks and ecological gardens. After about half an hour the monorail stopped at Titiwangsa station and I got down. I asked the security guard posted on the platform about the park but she was not aware.

I came out on the road and started enquiring but no one knew about the park. I put my Google map navigator on work and started walking. It showed a distance of about 500 metres covering in 5 minutes. I reached the spot where the navigator was showing end point. There was a very wide 2 way road with traffic and a foot over bridge there. I asked one of the shop owners and he asked me to cross the road.

The other side of the road was more desolate and there was no one. I walked some distance and saw a very posh residential colony. The guard outside did not know and I was surprised. The map showed the park here and why no one knew.

Anyway I continued search and asked 3 guys but no one knew. I was now exhausted but didn’t want to go back without tracing the whereabouts of the park. Finally someone guided me the way and I could see the park boundary now. I walked another 100 meters and there were few cars parked outside the park and one small water body was flowing inside the park. I walked towards the north and reached a very spacious parking lot where street food vendors were selling their stuff.

I reached one of the tea vendors and asked for the entrance gate.

He informed me, “The Park is closed for a year as renovation work is going on.”

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