Travel on Sailing Sauna

It doesn’t matter where you go but Sauna therapy definitely relaxes your body and soul.

I am sure you must have not heard of sailing sauna.

Finnish inventor and Former NASA engineer Janne Kapylehto travelled from Helsinki to Estonia in just 16 hours with his self made sauna across the Gulf of Finland. This 82 kilometers long journey took longer time than expected due to rough weather with 1.5 meters high waves and winds of 15 meters per second.

This sauna is just like a shed on a raft which is equipped with four engines, solar powered panels, lifeboat, a sauna for three people, an observation post, music system, a fridge and a grill. In fact Kapylehto and the crew used sauna and grilled despite the rough weather as they had the adventurous spirits.

This trip was also undertaken to mark the centenary of Estonia’s founding.

The trip was undertaken only one way due to rough weather and deteriorating condition of sauna. It was very risky to go for return journey. Now Janne is looking for alternate transportation arrangement for Sauna.





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