Taking Kailash’s ashes to Kailash-Part1


It was Piyush’s idea.

We had to take our best friend’s ashes to Kailash. We wanted to give proper funeral to him.

Kailash was one of the naughtiest in the class. He was good in imagining things and could write stories which he used to write in leisure time.

He had written few stories and competed in intra and inter school competitions. But his teacher and rather our teacher Mr. Mehra always bullied him. Not because he competed in story telling but he was not as good in studies as others were.

This hurt us as Kailash, who was our best friend was good in imagination and storytelling but was never motivated in the school.

Shreya was a good girl of medium built with dove eyes. Her complexion was fair and rather attractive. Shreya liked Kailash for last couple of months but neither of them expressed their feelings. They both were introvert.

One day Kailash asked both of us and asked me, “Sam how I should approach Shreya so that I can express my feelings”?

We thought and finally Piyush said, “Why don’t you take her to the cafeteria and have a cup of tea. Start talking about the routine things, evaluate the scenario after 10-15 minutes and speak up”.

Kailash was reluctant and asked what would happen if she refused.

Piyush and me laughed and told him that now also you have nothing in hand. At least you would know the status of feelings.

Kailash’s eyes had shine now and started thinking of the proposal.

Piyush and I were hiding in the bushes and waiting for the teacher to come out of his home. It was 4 in the evening and we had followed all the way from our school in Vijay Sheher in Delhi to Prahaladpur. It was a distance of about 10 kms between two points.

I started my Yamaha motorbike and picked Piyush and started following the professor. Mr. Mehra had some good habits and did not go home directly from school.

After doing school chores he would leave at about 3-3.30 in the noon and would visit restaurants and bars. We heard from some of the school mates that he was seen with girls also.  Once it was a blonde. Second time there was someone with short hairs and very fair complexion and very short clothes.

I am not sure if my colleagues peeped into the key hole of the door.

Today we had heard in the corridor that he would be going straight to his home. Hence we decided to follow him.

We could have done what we intended without his presence but we wanted him to see and observe what was going on inside us. We had lost our best friend because of Mehra.

Sometimes Mehra beat him up if our friend Kailash was not able to answer any question. Mehra sometimes also abused him and this was something that made me and Piyush angry and provoked retaliation.

About a month back Kailash was very upset when we had to go for triple bike riding on Rx100. It was a very humid and hot evening in the month of July. We wanted to play basketball in the playground where the state corporation had designed very awesome basket ball ground.

We didn’t think it was wise to ask at this time.

We played for about half an hour and saw large number of audiences watching our game. We had practiced the game enough to attract large number of audience.

We were tired and were wiping our sweat when Piyush asked Kailash why he was upset.

Kailash had got thrashing from his dad as he was not concentrating on his studies. He said, “I am not getting any support from school and home. What I should do. I think I should commit suicide”.

We did not feel good. We told him he should do what he feels like and make story writing or anything else his passion so that he becomes perfect and stand on his feet.

Kailash was a short but chubby fellow with short hair. He liked wearing round necks with black denims. Sometimes he wore black cap and brown shades.

Fifteen days later Piyush came running to me in his night suit. It was 7 in the morning.

It was very shocking for both of us as we had never thought of this even in our dreams. Kailash was found dead at his home when Piyush went to his home to call him to get ready so that we all three best buddies could go to school together. The distance was only about 10 Kms but roads were very busy with heavy traffic everywhere due to office hours. No one was following traffic rules.

Kailash was not feeling good neither at home nor in the school. Behavioral change was noticed in him and even his special friend Shreya did not talk to him much now. His attitude towards life was negative and hence Shreya did not feel good talking to her hubby.

But she should have remained loyal. That’s what we thought.

If your best (girl) friend does not show interest especially during bad times, it becomes difficult for a boy to live.

Police was questioning Kailash’s parents and neighbours. We knew both of us would also be questioned.

Police had to question us as we were his best friends.

Parents of all three of us knew each other. We had been friends since 8 years. I and Kailash were in the same school since class two. Piyush had joined the school in class three when his Dad shifted here.

We were listening to some Pop and rock songs of Michael Jackson in the cafeteria when Piyush came and started singing Hindi songs and teased us for listening English songs. Kailash and Piyush had a short fight over this issue and I along with four guys came to the rescue of both boys.

For couple of days Piyush did not talk to both of us. He was a reserved person and did not have any friend in the school even after a month. I saw him many times sitting on the bench in the ground during sports period. Even in the class he did not speak much except hi and bye during interval between two periods.

One day me and Kailash sat next to him on the bench and asked why he kept quiet. He did not speak for few minutes and spoke when we asked again. He became emotional and few tears rolled out onto his cheeks. He told us there was a fight almost every day between his Mom and Dad and he did not get much love from both of them.

We all sat quiet for some time. Finally I extended my hand and asked Piyush, “Can we be friends”?

He immediately extended his hand and we shook hands. Kailash was standing and was watching and did not say anything. I said, “Kailash can you please also shake hands”. Kailash stared at me as if he was lost somewhere and someone suddenly jerked him.

Kailash said, “Of course”. He shook hands with Piyush. Piyush again cried a bit. He wept his tears and was happy and said, “Thanks”.

We all three were friends now. Later on everyone in the school knew all three of us as the best buddies.

We were not expecting his parents to welcome us as we were not good friends in the eyes of Kailash’s parents. We were responsible for neglect of his studies.

For us it was better to leave for the school. We went to the school but we were thinking about our best friend. We saw Shreya but she did not ask anything about Kailash. We didn’t feel good but said nothing.

After the school we went straight to our home. We saw many people coming in and out of Kailash’s house. We were surprised that funeral had been done about an hour ago.

Both of us were boiling with anger as no one waited for us for the funeral. How could we be left? We had to be present in the funeral. We were his best friends.

We both parted for our homes as our parents could question unexpected things and we did not want to throw our anger on them.

We met in the evening at 5. Piyush asked me, “Why don’t we steal ashes that must have been kept in the Urn. Otherwise ashes will be taken to Haridwar the next day”.

To be continued…

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