Evil Spirits


I went to the temple today morning where Panditji had to perform Havan. I had visited this temple earlier on the recommendation of someone known in our family. This temple is known for accomplishment of your wishes. You make a wish and it will be done.

The Sankat Mochan temple is located near sector 22 of Rohini area. It does not occupy much area but whatever area it occupies is kept clean and hundreds of devotees throng this temple every Tuesday and Saturday with very long queues spreading over half a kilometer. On other days you will not find anyone outside the temple premises.

I reached with my wife at 8.15 which was 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. We touched our forehead on the entrance stair and saw about 10 people waiting inside in front of the main area where prominent idols of God and Goddess were kept. I inquired from the Panditji inside there when Sharma Panditji would come to perform Havan. He told us to sit and wait on the mat lying on the floor.

Five minutes later another Panditji came and was sitting on a desk. He called each of us and asked to pay Rs 551 and give yellow slip issued on our first visit. He marked the slip with his sign and entered details in register. We now had to go upstairs.

We went upstairs and sat on large mat lying on the left side of the room. Assistance was arranging for the things to be kept for each one of us. Sharma Panditji came in next 10 minutes. Some other arrangements had also to be done.

Finally Puja started at 9.30 which an hour later than the scheduled time. There were 11 small mats for each one of us. We sat on the mats facing one another and Puja started. We all had to keep our eyes closed with both hands folded near our heart. Within 5 minutes of starting of Puja, I could sense noise of breath being taken by someone that was sounding like ghost.

I kept my eyes shut. Sharma Panditji was enchanting mantras and we had to remember our God and Goddess whom we worship daily.

Images of Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva and Goddess Durga, Saraswati and Laxmiji came to my mind. But..

Within seconds my mind again diverted to breathing sound that was becoming louder and hollowed as if it was echoing. I could not remain my eyes shut and open my eyes.

I was frightened to see the girl sitting in the opposite line. She was shaking and her head was moving in circular motion first clockwise and then clockwise. 2 minutes later the girl sitting exactly opposite me also started shaking and her hands and legs were shaking. Sharma Panditji called people who had come with these girls and were sitting on the large mat. They were asked to take girls outside the room as they had started shouting in echoing mode.

The entire room was filled with fear and everyone was thinking what would happen next.

The moment both girls were about to leave the room, a lady sitting on the last mat in the opposite line started shaking and shouting. Now everyone was in deep fear. She was lying on the floor and was dragging herself in opposite direction just like a snake rattles. Panditji immediately asked the man who had come with this lady to take her also outside the room. Once all 3 were out, the Puja again started. Within minutes shriek sound of all girls/lady started coming inside the room. Panditji asked the assistance to lock the room door from inside so that he could concentrate on his Puja and enchanting of mantras.

The Puja continued for next half an hour during which we all continued to hear shriek sounds sometimes of one person or two persons and sometimes all three people.

We were asked to go outside the room for some time as Panditji needed additional time to prepare for Havan. Not the same room where three people were suffering but open balcony. In fact it was not open balcony but it was roof adjacent to Puja room.

I thought of going in the outside room from where continuous shriek sound was coming. I went inside the room and saw one girl standing on the floor and suddenly throwing her body on the floor with head banging on the floor. Another girl was moving her neck in clockwise motion with her loose hair covering her entire face. Lady was lying on the floor and was crying very loudly. Some people had come from outside wanting to meet Panditji. But since Panditji was busy they sat in the outside room and watched the horrible scene.

After some time we were called inside as Havan had to start. Havan Kund was brought inside the room and 8 mats were kept all around the Kund.

We had to perform as per instructions of Panditji. Panditji had instructed everyone sitting on 8 mats and other people who had come with us to say loudly “Swaha” after every spoon of ghee is poured inside the Havan. Ghee was necessary so that fire does not extinguish but intensity of fire increases with every spoon of ghee.

Havan continued for about 20 minutes. Once we finished another set of 8 people came and sat on the same 8 mats. Same procedure was followed again and eventually Havan was concluded.

We all stood now as Aarti had to be performed. Panditji instructed his assistance to bring all three people inside the room.

We felt horrified. What would happen if evil spirits continued to haunt those 3 people and what would happen if they attacked any one of us?

They were coming inside and we all stared at the entrance door with curious eyes. Now they all were pacified souls with no breathing sound coming. We all felt relieved.

Aarti was performed and we all contributed money whatever everyone had to give. We all took Prasad and were asked to leave and anyone having any doubt could wait and contact Panditji.

Everyone started to leave but looked at those three souls before leaving to check if everything was fine.

Those three people were still quite.

I got a chance to ask Panditji why this happened. He replied, “This is the influence of wind that gathers momentum because of evil spirits present all around.  The spirits are present because sins of people are washed away once they come here and Havan is performed. But you need not worry; evil spirits leaves human body in the process of performing Havan.”

I felt satisfied with this answer and left for the home.

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