World of Zombies-Part 1

Half human, half beast.  Sometimes it is dragon that bites and sometimes it looks like a wolf. You must have seen these creatures in movies and serials.

These are Zombies that chases human being and may be harmful.

Zombie bites human being and the person if not treated will turn into the same monster within six months. This person who has become zombie will again bite and tear flesh of another human being and thus this becomes a vicious circle.

There are several stories on this.

Incidence 1

One of them was heard in the island of Haiti where a patient came to hospital for treatment in May 1962. He was suffering from severe body ache, sick with fever and spitting blood. He was admitted in hospital but his condition kept on deteriorating and was declared dead. His sister identified the body and made arrangement for his burial.

About 20 years later in 1981, the sister was approached by a man in the local marked and introduced himself with childhood name of his dead brother. She was stunned.

This name was known only to sister and very few family members knew. The man informed her that he had been turned into zombie and was forced to work in a plantation. This lead to the breaking news on the media and subsequently extensive psychiatric tests proved that this man was really her brother.

Many interviews were held with the masters who created zombies and discovered they were creating complex poisons from local ingredients. Human beings were inhaling or absorbing these poisons through their skins. This was leading affected human being to feel and looks like a dead person. The zombie masters disclosed to the interviewers that affected human beings were buried alive and later on dug up. These dug up bodies were beaten up by their masters so that old souls are driven out from the body. This extreme torture led to mental damage and they would do whatever their masters ask them to do.

To be continued…

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