Girlfriend waiting,bike keys left at home

I had to meet Neetu, my girlfriend today at 5.00 in the evening. I was excited as I had to propose her which was a surprise for her also.

I woke up at 7.00 in the morning and shaved to look smart.

I look 2-3 years older with beard and stubble on my long slim face and do not suit me as my complexion is dusky.

I took bath and wore nicely ironed full sleeved white shirt with a pair of denim jeans. I chose black pair of polished shoes with matching socks.

I had chaach and Aijwain parantha in the breakfast.

It was 9.00.

My mom told me to bring medicine from drug store.

I went out into the garage where my Triumph bike was parked.

I took out the bike from the garage and pressed push button for the engine to start.

It made annoying sound as if something was struck in the exhaust pipe. I checked but could not find anything. I again tried but it didn’t start.

My heart sank.

I had to meet my girlfriend but would not make it if bike didn’t start.

Time was very short and I had to take it to the mechanic. I dragged bike in the scorching heat and reached mechanic.

Luckily mechanic shop was only 100 meters away.

I shouted at Dhanraj, the mechanic who had repaired my bike about a month ago. It costs a lot in coming again and again and getting it repaired.

Dhanraj reminded me that the service was due since last month and he had informed me earlier at the time of repairing my bike last month.

I calmed down as it was my mistake. In fact I was not getting time to get bike serviced as office schedule was hectic and I worked on weekends also during last couple of weeks to meet deadline.

Triumph service generally takes 7-8 hours but I still asked Dhanraj how much time it would take.

Dhanraj replied, “Your bike will be ready by 6.00 in the evening.”

I requested if I could get bike by 3.00. Dhanraj thought for some time and finally said, “Ok, I will try to give it by 3.00. Please call me at 3.00 to check the status.”

I felt relieved.

I came back home walking.

The moment Mom saw me she asked, “Vishal have you brought the medicine?”

I became irritated but said calmly, “I forgot as my bike was not keeping well. I am going to bring it.”

I walked all the way to the drug store and brought the medicine.

I was waiting for the beautiful evening and different thoughts occupied my mind.

The wall clock struck 3.00 and I immediately called the mechanic.

I asked Dhanraj, “I am coming to pick my bike.”

Dhanraj paused for a while and said, “Let me check.” He came back on phone after about a minute and said, “Sir Bike was serviced but could not be washed as you had taken the keys with you.”

I became angry and really wanted to beat up Dhanraj. I raised my voice and asked, “Why didn’t you ask for the key. You could have called me and I would have come again to hand over the keys.”

Dhanraj simply said, “Sorry sir.”

I didn’t have any choice but to get the work done so I stayed calm. There was no point in arguing over this issue.

I fumbled in pockets and found the key in left hip pocket. I immediately rushed to the workshop and handed over the key.

There were 2 more bikes waiting to be washed. Those bikes had come after my bike but were queued up earlier as keys were available for them.

I requested the mechanic if he could clean my bike before those 2 bikes. He refused saying other customers were equally important to him. I insisted and offered him a Rs 500 note. He agreed.

Finally the bike was ready at 4.00 and I paid for the service and immediately started my bike and reached home.

My shirt was wet with sweat and shoes had gathered dust.  I changed my shirt and polished my shoes again.

I looked myself in the mirror. I had the same glory as it was in the morning.

It was 4.30 and I would have been late if I had not started immediately.

I reached the Pandit chowk where I had to meet Neetu. I reached sharp at 5.00 and waited eagerly but she was not there.

I became anxious. I checked my mobile to see if she called me. There was no call. I checked the whatsapp message.

I was shattered when I read the message. She had written that she would not be meeting again as I had not reached on time. My mind was spinning like a wheel. I was not sure what was happening since today morning.

I checked earlier whatsapp chat again. Oh God! What I have done. The message clearly states that meeting time was 4.00 which was one hour earlier. I cursed my stars.

Frustrated I sat there on the bench. I thought for about 10 minutes and finally I ringed my girlfriend. She was very angry. We argued for about half an hour but I succeeded in consoling her.

Thanks God! We had to meet next weekend.

But I made it a point to service my bike regularly to avoid such situation in future.

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