Man jumping through window-train catches speed

My wife and I were planning for a holiday. It had been a long time, almost a year when we had gone on holidays last time.

We took auto from our home to Sarai Rohilla railway station.

The traffic was not much. The train was scheduled for 9.10 PM and we reached at around 8 in the evening.

It was difficult passing time on the platform.

My wife wanted something to munch preferably popcorn and Jabson peanuts.

Whenever she eats popcorn and peanuts smile comes on her face and this makes me very happy. She smiles like a baby (Innocent baby).

I went to fetch popcorn and peanuts for her and warned her to be careful of her surroundings.

I purchased the items and started walking towards the bench where my wife was waiting for me.

Suddenly I heard some chaos on the platform.

I saw a man about twenty eight years old wearing a rough shirt and trouser with a muffler around his neck approaching the train with fast pace. The man came near the train that had halted on the platform a few seconds back. There was heavy rush and everyone was trying to enter into the train.

The man with the muffler suddenly approached window of one of the coach and tried to enter the coach through the window.

I reached my wife. We were shocked to see this because the train could have started anytime which would pose a danger for this man.

How could a man enter coach through the window?

In a very short span of time the train started moving as the train did not originate here and had stopped for about 10 minutes.

The man struggled to get inside through the window.

People on the platform started shouting as if everyone had imaged the same that I had imagined earlier (train moving with the man half inside the window and half outside the window).

The station master came but by the time he came the train had gathered pace and was about the leave the platform. No one inside the train pulled the emergency chain as no one noticed due to heavy rush. Everyone was trying to grab the seat.

There was a white pillar at the end of the platform which was about one foot away from the window of the coaches passing through the platform.

Everyone watching this scene was shocked and was praying for some miracle to happen.

But the happening happened.

Within seconds there was a loud noise of shriek as if someone collided with the pillar.

There was blood on the platform and drops were falling on the railway track.

The man was no more and had sacrificed his life just because of taking a short cut.

Whatever happened later on did not matter as life would not come back.

I prayed to God to make me strong.

The moral of the story is that always keep patience and never take short cut in life as short cut may make your life short.

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