Want to tune in to the world’s radio stations

A new online application has come that broadcasts radio stations from all countries in the world.

I am sure you will love this application.

You can listen from Merlin in UK, Samba in the Caribbean Islands, Michael Jackson in Canada, Arabic tunes in Dubai to anything from any of the county on this Planet.

It is a communication between humans from across the borders.

Radio.Garden is an interactive application that presents different locations across globe in tiny green dots that can be tuned into at the click of a button. Some of the stations may presently be not tuned due to disturbance in the airwaves but will be available in the near future.

The interactive was created by Amsterdam-based design companies Studio Puckey and Moniker, which were approached by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to develop an installation for a research project about radio called Transnational Radio Encounters, which focuses on radio that crosses linguistic and geographical barriers.

Currently there are 8000 stations and new stations are being added every day. Any company wishing to feature its station is invited to get in touch and get their station registered.

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