Beer on Mars

Want to enjoy beer on Mars. Yes, it will be possible soon as Budweiser, leading brewery company in USA has chalked out plan to grow and consume beer on Mars, a planet which is further away from Sun as compared to Earth.

The beer company is bubbling over with hopes to make a microgravity brew that can be consumed on the Red Planet.

However there are challenges in this. There is 100 times less gravitational force on Mars as compared to Earth making it difficult to sip liquid on Mars. The bubbles in carbonated drink will not rise and hence soap like foam will form in the mouth.

In microgravity atmosphere a person is not able to taste due to swollen tongue and hence will not be able to distinguish between varieties of liquids.

Mars has more saline water which is similar to Ocean water on Earth and this will make taste bitter.

Temperature on Mars fluctuates from 21 degrees Celsius in day to -71 degrees Celsius at night in summers but bear is ideally kept at 4 degrees Celsius.

Hope for the best.



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