Drive in India instead of Make in India

Drive in India is better than Make in India.

Trucking has been one of the least respected professions in India.

Truck drivers drive for days with working shift of 12-18 hours daily for transporting goods from one state to another state of India. They do not take rest and sleep either in trucks. This results in delayed transportation of goods.

Relay  a new and better way of trucking has been conceptualized by Rivigo, a logistic company. The purpose of Relay is to revolutionize standard of living and attraction of truck driver. The truck driver gets better community life along with cellphone and better wages as per village standards.

Every driver drives for 4.5 hours and halts at designed pits and another driver takes the driving seat. The steering wheel changes hands every 4.5 hours till the truck reaches its destination.

This has resulted in improved life of truck driver who gets more time with his family and is able to get more time to sleep and take care of himself and his family members.

Mr. Narendra Modi should focus on Drive in India as it will generate millions of jobs and will cut down time of transporting goods by upto 50%.



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