That evening fling

The story begins when I had joined office. A new job with lot of expectations. It was a consulting firm based in Nehru Place.

I was shy not talking much to my colleagues. But I decided that I should talk often with my colleagues.
I would often ask my friends how I should start conversation and continue on a specific topic. I read newspaper, watch news channels to keep myself updated with current affairs and happenings around the world.
My friend Aman, on one of the best friends told me that for starting a conversation with someone specially girl, current affairs always does not help. One should start with anything coming in your head and continue with a sense of humor.
If one talks to a girl, start on a topic and make her laugh. If you are successful in making girl laugh then you will be on the top of it. This I learnt from some of my good friends.
Anyways, it had been 4 months in this organization. I was doing well in my career and giving deliverables on time.
But… no progress on friendship front. I kept on pondering over it whenever I got time especially on weekends or travelling from office to home. Never thought much during office hours as I was not a smoker. People just thing about it while smoking out in the sunshine. That’s what I think.
It was the 6th month in office. Anamika, who sat next to me, was upset on that dull day. It was cloudy outside and was raining in bits and pieces since morning. I asked her why she was upset. She had mild fever and her deliverable was due in next hour by 5:00 PM. I asked her if I could help her. She said thanks but when I offered second time, she asked if I could help her in preparing management report.
Management reporting was not my cup of tea. Not because I could not prepare it but I never liked it. One needs to take information from different sources and stakeholders and fit those figures into EXL sheet.
We both worked on this report and completed by 5:30 PM. She was happy now.
I was waiting, somehow for this episode to happen. I did not want to miss this opportunity. Every morning, after arriving in the office, we used to chat a lot and go for a cup of tea together whenever we get time.
It was a week now. I started feeling something for her but not sure what it was. I believed she also started feeling something. I thought of talking about her but did not have guts. I waited for few days and then finally one Friday evening I discussed about it with eagerness.
My heart was beating fast. Different thoughts flashed into my mind. What if she did not have any feeling? What if she stopped talking to me?
At last she accepted that she was also feeling something for me
We decided to go to a bar nearby and spend evening together. It was a nice weather outside with the cool breeze.
We chose Hip Hop Cafe and settled for a drink. Myself for a beer and Anamika for a lemonade. We ordered Masala peanuts for my bear and Paneer Tikka for her lemonade. I also enjoyed Paneer Tikka but she did not like Masala Peanut much.
We settled for Dal Makhani and butter naan for dinner.
I never went out with a girl before so I started thinking of leaving for home now. I asked her about plan after dinner and she never had dinner with a boy earlier and was feeling nervous.
I had a scooter- Bajaj Chetak scooter. I dropped her in Kalkaji and then I reached home in half an hour. It was 10:00 PM. Everyone asked me what happened to me as I used to reach home by 7:00 PM on Fridays. I was silent for some time and then spontaneously thought of an idea. I told my mom that we had a meeting as some client had to visit our office.
Saturdays and Sundays- best time to freak out with friends, watch movies and go out for chips and playing games in the parks.
But this weekend was different. I thought of Anamika only and we often talk for hours on any topic that came to our mind.
Now I thought I had at least achieved something in life. Monday, I reached office with smiling face. People around were surprised to see my mood.
Anamika reached and we exchanged smile and sat on chairs to start our day.
We had afternoon tea together and exchanged looks. I was wearing blue trouser and navy blue shirt. I had shared with utmost care today. She was wearing suit with green and yellow colored strips.
She was looking gorgeous. I was also looking smart. This is not self praise. Anamika had told me. I can still remember “Rahul you are looking smart- very smart today” .My adreline level rushed and my cheeks became red.
In the evening I told her to come in same suit on Friday so that we could go out on that day.
Friday came after much wait and she was there wearing same suit looking pretty with loose hair and dark black eyes with pink cheeks.
On Friday people generally leave office early to enjoy out with friends or colleagues.
It was only 6:00 PM and most of the people had left. Only 5-6 people were left and one office boy Sudhir was in the office. He wanted to go home early but he could not go until all people leave as he had to lock the office premises.
Finally all people left by 6:30 PM and only me, Anamika and Sudhir were left in the office.
My mind raced and saw Anamika feeling the same.
I asked Sudhir, if he wanted to go home, he could give keys to me. He was reluctant as he was responsible to hand over keys to the security head and take keys next morning to open office gate.
Wild thoughts came to my mind. I asked Anamika if she wanted to go out today but she said she was in no mood to go out today.
I assured Sudhir that if gives keys to me I will handover it to the security incharge. I waited for 5 minutes and finally he agreed.
I took keys and he left for the day.
I and Anamika were alone now. We discussed our plans for weekends. We thought of watching movie and go out for lunch or dinner and discussed personal tasks to be completed in weekend.
But what about now?
While chatting we came closer and almost touched one another. Our eyes met and we both could feel something.
I took her hand and started pressing fingers. She kept her face on my chest and I could feel her heart pumping.
There was a conference room adjacent to our room with a plush sofa with leather seats.
We went into the conference room and could wait no longer. We started kissing one another. I put my hand on her breast and could feel supple flesh. I opened zip on the back of suit and entire suit came down in one go. She unbuttoned my shirt and pushed me on the sofa. I started undressing my pants and she had only panty now on her sexy figure and I had underwear.
I was surprised that she was not wearing bra. Not sure if she took it out in the evening as if she had this thing in mind. We both were aroused and our remaining undergarments came down.
I pounced on her and started pressing all parts of her body. She was holding me tight and I could feel her nails on my back. I started penetrating her she cried. I did not want to think about it now and continued penetrating till we both exhausted and orgasm reached its level.
We slept and woken up by some sound. It was footsteps of someone. We checked our watch. It was 8:00 PM and we slept for about half an hour.
We immediately got up and started dressing up. The footsteps stopped outside gate of conference room and knocked.
The gate was open now and Mr. Shyam was standing there with a surprised face.
Mr. Shyam was the security incharge and was waiting for last half an hour.
Mr. Shyam asked me what we were doing in the conference room as Sudhir had told him about us. We had stayed in the office to finish our pending tasks.
But we had done a different task altogether. Now both of us were embarrassed.
Thanks God, she was completely dressed by the time security incharge reached conference room gate. But me. I was closing zip of my trouser.
Finally we handed over keys to Mr. Shyam and left for the day. I dropped her and reached home. I thought of her whole night and could not sleep.
Next morning my Mom and Dad asked why I am feeling sleepy but I had no answer. I told them I was tired due to work pressure.
I reached office on Monday. Anamika was not there. I was worried why she did not come to the office. I called her but her phone was switched off. My heart sank.
But this was not the end. I was asked to meet chairman immediately. I reached his cabin and saw him talking to someone on phone. I waited for about 5 minutes and finally I was sitting in front of him.
He softly asked me about Friday night work and why along with Anamika stayed late in the office. Why I took keys from Sudhir and what Mr. Shyam saw in the conference room. I was silent for some time and started explaining to Mr. Aakash Kapoor.
He was not convinced at all especially scam done by us in the conference room.
I was not sure on Friday night if security head noticed all these things as he did not say much.
But I was wrong.
I was asked to leave the organization as company would not tolerate these things.
I did not go to office from Tuesday onwards.
I was completely a loser. Lost both job and my girlfriend.
Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Anamika. She was very upset over what happened on Friday night. I first got angry and scolded her for not talking to me since Monday. She started crying.
I pacified her and told her what happened to me on Monday.
She felt bad and said that it was our fault and we should have chosen some other place. She didn’t want to go office now and would have felt embraced.
We decided to meet same day.
I had planned to look for a new job. Anamika could join from coming Monday or she had someone known in an advertising firm in Connaught Place.
I felt relieved as I had lost job but got my girlfriend back.
I had become open now and talk to anyone for hours. I had learnt the art now.
One evening fling and efforts put in for this fling made me a better man. I didn’t know that a girl in my life would make such a difference.
I thanked God…

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